Does charged armor damage reduction stack?

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Does the damage reduction stat stack with multiple copies of the same charged armor?

For instance... the C1-M has a pool of 108k, and a damage reduction of 1320, and I believe I understand how that all works.  However, if I equip a second C1-M, my pool goes up to 216k, as expected.  But the damage reduction still says 1320 in the shipyard.  Does that mean that no matter how many charged armors you have, you can only ever reduce the incoming damage of a single missile by 1320?  Or, does each piece of charged armor reduce the damage by 1320, so that if you had 2, the damage would get reduced by up to 2640?

If they do stack... awesome.  Lots of charged is a great way to armor up your ships.

If they don't stack... then more copies of charged armor isn't really necessary unless you find that your pool consistently runs out, or you just want to have the same amount of added defenses and deflection without the added armor points and repair times.
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