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Is new TOS-1 vehicle properly balanced?

Kyle Battle
Kyle Battle
Joined Jun 2017 Posts: 4

Hey am getting a feel for the TOS vehicle & wondering if they’re balanced properly. Just attacked an HQ and sent my TOS-1 (level 10 with DPS=1244 after upgrades) to destroy a level 6 wall. It fired for 19 seconds but failed to destroy it (enemy guns took it out eventually). That doesn’t seem right? I thought this vehicle was specially designed to take out ground fortifications.

  • lumadtimawa
    Joined Jan 2018 Posts: 2
    edited 23 Jan 2018, 10:06PM
    I agree Kyle Battle,TOS-1 is useless bunch of tank. It can easily be destroyed by tanks and turret even they have significant health even on higher level (level8). I don't know what really does this vehicle as it seems not on the description "Firing an almost continuous stream of artillery-grade rockets it can punch a hole through the toughest of defenses and it tank-grade armor makes it hard to stop". Even tried on daily raids not worth it to bring with other vehicles. Fired only once in a couple of seconds or unless the range will be increased as in real TOS-1 can capable of reaching 10km for TOS-1A; midrange to 1.6km.
  • kixeyeuser_727139343_2165_1827944
    Joined May 2017 Posts: 8

    Agreed... TOS-1 is useless mid tier unit ... I doesn't have range less damage and it is good only for defense but deployment time again is a stuoidly high so pretty much useless...

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