new players got nothing to kill

Gregory Laviolette
Gregory Laviolette
Joined Jan 2011 Posts: 24
i recently rejoined this game and then the update came now i cant find any way to get resources now other then wait day in and day out im low level in the 30,s and the ships they spawn beside me smoke my availible ships i can make then if i do finally kill them i get a wooping 100k res and about 2 fleets thatll take 2 hours to repair so my issue is i need 20 million + resources to upgrade or build a better ship but im stuck in this lame delema theve created basically theres nothing for newbs to kill and you can try and search the map for lower targets but ive only found 2 lvl 17 cargo ships that didnt come back and my fleets are only power lvl 10-12 so pls bring back the search function and limit high lvls to not be able to attack so low levels can actually gain an interest in this game 
My User ID is: 5471991 using windows eplorer on premium windows vista
current 14 bases
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