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Mr TopGear
Mr TopGear
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I know a lot of you have been waiting for the updates on vegashipcalc. So I have just pushed the latest update. While I waited for a reply from Electronic Soul (Vega China) I used the time to make some modifications to the site.

Some of the changes are:
  • Cosmetic Alterations and layout changes 
  • Addition of VIP Rank Options 
  • Added Void Damage/Resistance 
  • Added Missing AXIS Ships 
  • Added Missing Tech Added Marauder Faction (Carrier/Battleship/Destroyer Disabled) 
  • Enhanced Tablet and mobile support 
With regards to the issues with Electronic Soul. I have been informed that they have turned off their duplicate site and to not expect any further reply. Basically they did not reply to my email and just turned the site off. Take from that what you will so I have decided to release this update now.

I still have to update the language translations but I will be away for a few days and I will sort that out when I am back

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The problem with this game is the power curves. Just look at the graphs I made. Said no vega conflict player ever
  • John the Savage
    John the Savage
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    The new look is great!

  • DZ1972
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    Site looks great!! Thank you Mr TopGear
  • EaglesWing
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    Thanks a lot TopGear  <3
  • DiabolicEsper
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    Hey Topgear, you missed a Ship Hull

  • XaccU
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    Very Nice! Thank you for great your effort! Liberator Mk3 Maxmass is 12375mass. Maybe wrong value.

  • SteelSteve
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    OH **** THIS IS AWESOME!  Love it!
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  • Gary P
    Gary P
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    Fantastic news, glad it's back and improved, thanks TopGear

  • geotku
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    Mr TopGear is a class act & standard setter.  Thank you for all of your efforts & future endeavors.   :) <3
    Unicorn Overlord
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    @DiabolicEsper said:
    Hey Topgear, you missed a Ship Hull

    The gladiator can wait. Lol.

    Nice to see everything back to normal top :)

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  • ferdinando jndo
    ferdinando jndo
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    AWESOME WORK!! WoooHooooooooo \o/

  • Jonathan Lakomcik
    Jonathan Lakomcik
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    No suelo comentar en el foro, pero este caso lo vale, Mr TopGear, tu trabajo es increíble y necesitado por toda la comunidad Vega, tu página es parte esencial en el juego, no sólo estratégicamente si no también para divertirse experimentando con las naves. Gracias por volver.

  • annubis547
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    Great to have it back thanks for your hard work on it topgear

  • Mr TopGear
    Mr TopGear
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    Thanks guys. The missing Marauder ships are turned off by request of CM Chris since they are not yet announced. As is any tech that fits on the carrier/destroyer and battleship for marauders. I will turn them on once they are announced
    The problem with this game is the power curves. Just look at the graphs I made. Said no vega conflict player ever
  • Chaos Slayer
    Chaos Slayer
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    Thanks, and glad that you were able to get through that chinese issue! The new interface looks great!
    My fleet is growing!
  • xand17
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    Thank you so much for your work. Sucks when people steal good stuff like this. Once again thank you for what you do and the Update.
    @mr topgear

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  • rvc dino
    rvc dino
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    amazing job TG :)
  • MajorGavriel
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    Awesome work TopGear!

    Found issue with Berserker hull and I think effects all Marauder tech, in ShipCalc built berserker cruiser the same way i have built it in game and the ShipCalc version says single ship fleet level is 63, where in game that single ship fleet level is 55 with the same build.

    1) My guess is the XP values for tech items are incorrect, and kix just provided you with initial figures and not final release XP values.
    2) Kixeye Changing Marader XP values in next update, since you get that stuff beforehand, and already imputed those values; which I hope is not the case.

  • Eric Rawlins
    Eric Rawlins
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    Site is wonderful TopGear, glad to see it back
  • Alberto R
    Alberto R
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    Thank you for you time doing this, a really nice job!
  • LazyP9
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    thanks top gear great job

  • OnionD
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    Glad to see youre powering through this. Good luck

  • Sheep Geminis
    Sheep Geminis
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    *desperate clicks on all the ads*
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  • ChalkSix
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    Massive props @Mr TopGear!  The refresh looks amazing!
  • Synexord
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  • Starchaser2014
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    Looks good Topgear, great work!
    I advised my alliance mate to click on the adds everytime they use this great tool.

  • Frankv
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    getting more respect from the players then kixeye gets for the actual game. lulz
    click some adds for **** and giggles. very nice job @Mr TopGear

  • Uwrekd
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    Great work on the ship calculator. I play mostly on my Samsung tablet. I have had some drag and drop problems in the past using the calculator on that device. I'm not sure if you can make VMs to virtually test different setups, but you may want to test on an Android VM if you can. I especially have problems with the last option of any list. Something about being at the bottom of the list prevents me from dragging and dropping that item onto the ship. PR and PRAL Tungsten are currently at the bottom of the armor selection list. I tried for 10 minutes on my tablet to drop a PRAL-T on my ship before I gave up. No problems like this on PC. The problem was bad before, but rotating the device sometimes allowed me to drag and drop. It seems worse now after the site has been updated. It's nice to be able to do it on my tablet because then I can screenshot the build and post it to Line.
  • Master Uxi
    Master Uxi
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    Love the new look. 
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