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Howdy Captains,

This week our launch of the new changes of the FM prior to the Event “Trial by Fire” which is next week.  With these changes to the FM we are rebalancing two of the targets 88 and 113, and changing the redemption system to be a storefront to spend your points instead of checkpoints.  We are also adding items to the FM.  We will also be running a Tech Up 2 TLC, and updating the Locator!


FM Overhaul

We have moved away from the checkpoint/milestone system that the FM previously used for prize redemption.  Now you will be able to spend the points you have earned to to select the specific prizes you want.  After purchasing an item in each prize pool you will be able to purchase a Forsaken Chest that will allow you to claim Uranium and Tokens.


The Chests in Prize Pool 4 & 5 do have a limited time in which you can redeem them.  

Prize Pool 4 Chest:  72 Hours from when you start the FM

Prize Pool 5 Chest:  96 hours from when you start the FM

New Prizes:

Prize Pool 5 (1M points):

  1. Sprint Anti-Missile

  2. Alloy Panels CR

  3. Concussive Plate VI

  4. Alloy Armor CtX III

Prize Pool 4 (250K points)

  1. Concussive Plate V

  2. Concussive Plate IV

  3. Alloy Armor CtX II

  4. Alloy Armor CtX I


Tech Up 2 TLC

In this new TLC you will get a chance to earn 5 new components,  as well as a chance to catch up on 4 items from the original Tech Up TLC.  If you already own the component you will instead get a 1 hr ship repair build token.  Each run through you will earn a chest which will have a random component from the available tech in it.

*Repeat items from Tech Up 1: Stealth Attack System V, Magnus Drive III, Nautilus Battery IV, Speed System VI*

For more info see the Campaign Menu.


Locator Update

We have done an overhaul on the Locator UI,  to help clean things up. We’ve also increased the number of bookmarks you can have.

At different times you will may see additional categories, such as during events or Bounty:


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