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    if this is OUR game why cant we choose when targets change or what prizes get offered out why cant we make some decisions to what happens in the game? if you wanna keep your members happy listen to us instead of ignoring our thoughts on what should happen.
    Because uf they let us decide that most targets would never change.
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    Do you have experts that finally make, after 7 yrs, the game that good that all lag is history for ever then ? Or must you then spend more than $50 even it can be solved maybe ?
    :pJust think simple: it is still just a game:p
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    I will go out on a limb and guess that the 'experts' will be mega coiners. Hence they have everything, and will think the game is doing just dandy. 
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    My answers from tickets lately have been sorry unable to help you we are just customer support we will pass this along, if this is the way KIX is going forward never mind the game is dead this way.
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    I am not happy with my investment into this game for the past 2 years (before that was fine) and as from a few days ago i will not be coining any more, we get lied too or mislead and it ends up costing us much much more than most of us are willing to spend.

    Example #1: kixeye told us our fleets will last up to a year yet they keep changing the targets so we have to keep changing our fleets making kixeye more money and breaking the promises to us and everyone's ship building backlog has been increased.
    Sure our fleets still last a year but at what cost kixeye???

    Example #2: kixeye told us Charged Armor is not required but it helps... Wrong, charged armor is required to play this game at a decent price with any new targets and without them it costs a fortune to do anything. (There may be some targets where this is not the case such as old targets like drac bases ect...)

    Example #3: kixeye told us we don't need both fleets that get released for each new event yet we clearly do if we want to progress in the game.

    I don't mind the changes if we are told about them ahead of time, heck even if we was told "targets may change over time" then i would accept that as it would be MY responsibility to make sure i kept my fleets up to date but kixeye have not done that.
    To be told a day or two before hand and then kixeye cant keep there promises and change things again and again with little or no warning or have simply lied/mislead the community that is generating money to kixeye is a serious insult to its players.

    As for these so called experts, i just hope they do a better job in support than kixeye have done but only time will tell.
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    Example #2: kixeye told us Charged Armor is not required but it helps... Wrong, charged armor is required to play this game at a decent price with any new targets and without them it costs a fortune to do anything. (There may be some targets where this is not the case such as old targets like drac bases ect...)
    Charged Armor is not required at all. I can do the weekly with no issue at all just a little slower (with new targets) and with the old targets I was still not using charged armor. When I hit bases I don't use charged armor and same with base parts. Many players also don't use charged armor for uranium. As for costing a fortune waiting it is up to the player if they wait or not.
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    The shared responses I have seen from player experts have led to increasing frustration from half-way decent and experienced players who are being given bad advice from noobs as player experts. If this process is to have value then you need to be more careful in selecting these player experts who are offering bad advice and just annoying the heck out of others.
    They annoyed me to the point of doing this:

    Made for the best bounty ever lol save for the fact I have 2 partly built Fangs and a Ret that somehow escaped the dock purge.

    This choice to choose "experts" to save money on a subcontracted CS is about as wise as the present ones in regards to game balance.

    FM change has literally shut out any new players from meaningfully participating. 400 68's for the meanest low prize make the FM sheer slavery, never mind a "Second Job" as they take up to 15 minutes each with Zelos & cits. Not to mention skyrocket them in levels from the sheer res returns.

    The forced commercialisation of having to Buy a fleet to bypass said drudgery.

    The forced commercialisation of the 2 week swings in Off & Def in PVP.

    The same goes for the 1 mistake and you are dead chore targets now.

    There is no balance, and there is no thoughts about longevity or real  recruitment of new blood. The FM has shut this out. it's now hundreds of targets to receive decent prizes where players could get 5 prepped 113's prior to last week.

    Not to mention the 2 raids per month with bounty now. Kix seems to want 5K ( optimistically) players to support the game.

    Myself I'm playing Seacraft & Warships now. It doesn't raise my aggravation levels and both play much better. I just log in once in a while to chat with my friends.

    I have been around long enough to remember when CS actually gave customers service. And compensations were fair.

    As a foot note & warning, if you do as I do and delete everything, Kix no longer maintains backups of your base. Apparently they fired they guy who wrote the tool in one of the layoffs, and don't consider it important enough to protect accounts to update it.

    Even more so now, don't spend it, if you care about it. It's only guarantee is a screenshot or video while making said purchase.

    I was reluctantly, after pressing the matter hard, informed of this when the billions of res from the purge, vanished by the next login. I had intended to give it to our lowers. Just a warning to those who still consider BP worthwhile.....

    They are calling in save the vanishing whales
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    no offense but if i have a serious  issue that requires sending  a ticket in . i expect a real employee of Kixeye to deal with it ..if i have a general question regarding the game i will ask in forums 
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    After seeing more shared responses I can't see how these so called players experts are helping in most cases. The advice being given is usually poor and often wrong. This is not helping the community. Players are better off asking in player FB groups (not forums).

    This concept is a lot like out-sourcing a department store's complaints department to other shoppers. They can't help and pretty soon your customers will just shop elsewhere if they can't get satisfaction.
    Remember Kixeye, PLAYERS FIRST!
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    Milo-Ant said:
    lets hope Cathedral rock or bort never made it to the ex (something that has been) Spurt ( a drip under pressure) status eh, else we can all pack up and go home :(
    In fairness, Cathedral Rock is quite helpful to other players in the various groups that I follow. 
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