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First of all, I'd like to kindly ask those who hate anime/ other japanese stuff or hate anything that is re-drawn (such as fan artwork) in anime:
Don't stay here, please. You don't need to read any further than this because it's all about what you dislike. opinions n stuff are welcome, but I don't want insults and toxic behavior toward me, such as someone calling me "weeb" (which i consider an offense) in another thread. Thank you.

If you don't hate it...

I play VEGA for years, I enjoy the PVP battles and + good friends and teammates I made there...
When japanese guys do an anime or artwork, they tend to grab something random and (usually) turn into something very different that looks cool. Many people around the world follow it and I did as well.
In Kantai Collection, they went and grabbed some real life ships, turning them into girls... so after a while, I had the idea of doing the same with a hull in VEGA: I've chosen Dominion (if I say it's NOT my favorite ship in the game... I'm being a liar). Also, it still has a lot of potential to fight in T6 PVP battles despite the Paladin and it's drones being so powerful.

With the help with a friend who has been improving on their art, it came true and the result is actually looking amazing.

I introduce you the spaceshipgirl Dominion Carrier and her loyal Ranger Swarms!

What I had in mind was to give her the looks of a succubus, as it is about a Demon Corps thing. A pair of horns, a long tail and the large wings on her back that also launch the squadrons, and she carries the DC symbol on her chest. She is redhead because it's the main color of the faction, and in my opinion: the black color on her uniform fits perfectly.

A Chibi... my friend let me have the wings and horns as they've drawed it quickly (and grabbed DC symbol to put on chest).

My friend also suggested a backstory and personality for her, so I made one based on game's storyline, some characteristics of the Demon Corps and some phrases heard in monthly events that had DC as enemies (such as the ones that have "blood" in the sentence), all spoken by Dominion herself:

1- My name is Dominion. I am a Carrier, and the greatest pride of the Demon Corps. Uncompromising in my brutal authority, I am built to establish control and dominance. My purpose and ONLY purpose is to see my enemies burn! Anyone who opposes my power will have the stars painted with their blood!

2- So, this is how the rebellion fights, huh? Now I see the reason why you've been facing VEGA for so long and still stand in their way... even after you rebels fight each other fiercely everyday. Fufu... I guess being under your command might be funnier than being controlled by those worthless, corrupt VEGA idiots. All they know is to lose their battles and get their technologies stolen. I am sick of that!

3- Command me well, sir. And I shall take you to the conquest of this void. It will be an honor to fight alongside the bravely of the rebellion; but remember: I take no prisioners, I am merciless, I am bent on absolute annihilation. If you betray me, my devastating power is going to be the last thing you will ever see!

4- Since the day I joined the rebellion, I have felt the heat of war much more than before. This was my greatest decision, beyond my own expectations. I never thought that being with the rebels would make me enjoy the only reason of my existance so much.

5- Actually, I am happy that VEGA now sees me as a traitor, they will eventually come and try to kill me. But I was born in blood and I will make them drown in theirs if they dare to oppose me.

6- These horns and tail, you ask? they are... mine... along with my mighty hangar wings, they make me the demon I was created to be. Well, I am a Demon Corps soldier, right? It makes sense, doesn't it?

7- Sometimes I miss General Geir, he was the only man worth following in the middle of such bunch of corrupt idiots. I heard that he is involved with something... "Geno" or "Xeno"... what is that?

TLDR - 1: introducing herself. 2: knowing the rebels and abandoning VEGA. 3: she's now in a rebel commander's fleet. 4: a while after she's with the rebels. 5: she wants to destroy VEGA fleets. 6: she's being friendly with her curious ally. 7- she really didn't like being with VEGA, but she respects Geir.
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    Ha a little late to respond but:

    Whenever I see something like this my completionist side always craves seeing the full set. Entire vega conflict armada as animu grills sounds like a fun little set :p
    Heaven forbid if MK upgrades were included :X

    Fan creation section never recieves much attention, I guess mostly cause vega players who frequent the forum art so into the creative side (or don't feel like they have enough skill to make something they're keen to show off). Don't let that get you down, this is a neat little project ;)

    The idea of demon corp being inspired by both ship and demon themself is neat, I think that as a pretty **** cool blending of the themes. As for this picture and your character piece beneath, the 'uncompromising in brutal authority' thing makes me imagine a dominion animu girl would be more like kill la kill's Satsuki or the like, this one looks a lot less 'harsh'/'ruthless' than that (not that it isn't also good).

    Would definitely be interesting to figure how to express and translate the various 'personality profiles' of the different factions, and the different hull types, in humanoid form - see that cross section going on when you look at the group.
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