10/25 Update Notes

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Howdy Captains,

We have an exciting week for you.  As you know we were going to update the FM this week,  but that has been pushed back until next week.  This week we have a single new item in PP5 of the FM,  Alloy Panels CR.  For those who are prepping for the FM we are bringing back both Call to Arms: Icebreaker and Monolith TLCs.

We are adding VXP Repair Specialists for the following Garrison Hulls in this update:  Icebreaker, Monolith, Citadel, Punisher

For those of you who are preparing for the next Raid,  which is scheduled for November 9th,  we are re-running the Hunter Games TLC.  This will allow you to earn the Hunter Mk.1.

For those PVPers or PVP-curious, we are running Bounty Season 3.  We have fixed a number of the problems from Bounty Season 2, especially concerning the amount of Bounty being displayed before you attack a target. See the latest Bounty Rules post here.

We have also modified the UI to allow you to more easily refit your Conqueror and Defender Hulls in the Conquest Yard.


FM Update

The FM Update has been postponed for a week while make a few changes based on your feedback.  This week we will be running the old format with the addition of Alloy Panels CR to Prize Pool 5.

FM Prep

If you are not already 100% prepared for the FM this is your week to catch up.  We are bringing back Call to Arms: Icebreaker and Call to Arms: Monolith. From 10/25 at 12PM PDT - 11/8 11:59PM PDT. These TLCs will allow you earn the respective Garrison Hull Blueprints, Weapons, Specials, and Flagships as well as build and VXP tokens.

In addition we are adding VXP Repair Specialist who will help you reduce repair time on the following hulls:  Icebreak, Monolith, Citadel, and Punisher.

Through these TLCs and VXP Repair Specialist you can get your Garrison Fleets in top condition and reduce your repair cost.


Bounty Season 3

This weekend is our PVP / Conqueror Event, and Season 3 of Bounty!  We are continuing to make Bounty a better experience, and have eliminated the problem in which you might receive a different reward if your target’s bounty status changed between when you attacked the target and when combat ended. We’re changing the grant timing from every 4 hours to every 6 hours, and the checkpoint locations have also been slightly updated.  The top prize in this season will be the King’s Writ Conqueror Blueprint, Vulcanized Barrels and the Excalibur Gatling Gun.

For more information see our Bounty Season 3 Thread


Updated - Hunter Games TLC

Running from Thursday 10/26 12PM to Wednesday 11/8 11:59PM. This revised version of Hunter Games will allow you to earn Blueprints for Hunter MK-1, Houndstooth Depth Charge, PBX Payload, and 5x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-CT as well as build and VXP tokens for the Apex Hunter.

For more info see the in-game campaign menu.


Conquest Yard Refit UI Addition

Now you will be able to designate your Conqueror and Defender refits from the Dock to take place in the Conquest Yard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Omega Gatling gun would not fire in certain instances
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