FM Changes - New Start Date / Updated Tokens & Uranium

  • gary.john.50
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    lol stopped me putting g.0.d above just shows how pathetic games become.
  • UN Flash
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    Howdy Captains,

    The entire Battle Pirate’s Team wants to thanks you for your passionate feedback on the announced changes to the FM Structure.  We are going to be pushing back the launch of the new FM until November 1st which will be test of the new system for one week before the Raid.

    For This week:

    For this week we will be adding one item to the FM in Prize Pool 5:

    Additional Changes next week for the FM from your feedback:

    Instead of having a single token prize you will be able to purchase a treasure chest at each prize pool:

    • Prize Pool 5 Chest: Will contain between 3 to 9 days of Build Tokens

    • Prize Pool 4 Chest: Will contain 2 days of Build Tokens and 10,000 to 40,000 Uranium

    • Prize Pool 3 Chest: Will contain a 1-day Structure Build Token and 3,000 to 15,000 Uranium

    • Prize Pool 2 Chest: Will contain a 1-day Research Token and 2,000 to 8,500 Uranium

    • Prize Pool 1 Chest: Will contain a 1-hour Research Token and 1,000 to 3,000 Uranium

    Thank you for your continued constructive feedback.

  • Ray_P
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    Just saw somebody totally lose a fleet in 115.   It's insanity,  Cold Snaps now everywhere.   This has killed the game wait for the forums to light up


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  • DogStar123
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    Noticed the prices on prizes are really low. Looks like point system has been overhauled. I'm afraid to start yet. Like OMG!!!!! I need an experts opinion on what to do.
  • Sgt_Jiggs
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    Screw you Kixeye...if this is the new format I'm done. This was supposed to help people catch up and get tech they need. Instead, damage is off the charts and it requires far more work. If you had left the targets alone it would still be more work because you raised the point requirements. 
  • Albert.E.Roberts
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    82  changed 4 IB sink quick thought only 115 and 88 were changeing

  • jon210
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    lol the damage done from the flts inside the 115 are insane kix 

  • trinitrotuluen
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    yep . 'rebalance' sux
  • bubbahyde321
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    I went from doing 88's for 3 or 4 min of damage with a full fleet of skulled  cits to 3.5 hrs damage in 89 with 4 IB's this is a joke right?

  • Coulbauth
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    it's not a re-balance, it's a money grab. and if you don't have charged armor forget about it this was a purposely for the coiner or to drive people away so that they an kill the game and no one will complain. 
    Organized people are just to lazy to look for their stuff.
  • Pusssy_Galore
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    How on earth is this possible!!!!!!! the prizepools are saying I have to redeem all the blueprints I already have. What is going on here KIXEYE!!!!!!!!????????
  • Don Willis
    Don Willis
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    According to the new FM I have none of the prizes listed in any tier. Working as intended I assume
  • Jnglwmn
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    Are you people on crack?  I just lost my mono fleet twice in the 115 - you made them way too hard.  The 112's I could never do with my mono's without coining some (I don't mind paying a little to play) but this is insane.  so far 44 coins to repair, NO TOKEN GIVEN FOR REPAIR.  I maybe killed 1/5 of it, WTF are you thinking kix-this is nuts.
  • redbeard167
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    Wow, Kixeye wth are you thinking!!!!???  I was just getting to the point that I could finally attain prize tier 5.  I've been trying to catch up for a year now..  This might be the last nail in the coffin for this player.  I'm sure the whales will love it as it will allow them to continue to pull further and further away from the rest of us.  
  • kiwis
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    This is the nail in the coffin for me good bye
  • reidid34
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    i seriously think to stop also fm now ^^ theses new targets are just..... how can say that without insanity?
    if you really trust that i'm gonna coin for repair, i just answer : in your dreams

  • sk1rmisher
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    First of all, NO REPAIR TOKENS. Second of all even with charged armor my gridiron was unable to make it through your target because your rhino do way way way to much damage. The grid remember is the SKILL fleet suppose to be able to knock out all these targets free. FIX IT OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. 
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