10/17 Update Notes

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Hello Captains,

Chances are you have a few fancy new hulls after the Caress of Steel event this past weekend.  This weekend you can rank those hulls up with our VXP weekend.

VXP Weekend

From Friday, 10/20 @ 9am to Monday, 10/23 @ 9am we will be running our VXP weekend. This is the first opportunity to rank your Apex Hunter. We have a great write up on VXP weekends you can find here (<---Click Link).  

Keep your eye out for Unidentified Raiders (100) and Unidentified Raiders (60) targets which will have bonus VXP rewards. Unlike last month, neither target will award Uranium this time.

Unidentified Raiders (60) will spawn and payout the whole time. VXP will be paid out based on damage dealt and received as usual.

Unidentified Raiders (100) will only spawn for the first 36 hours, from Fri, 9am - Sat, 9pm. It will pay out VXP based on damage dealt and received.  This target will also pay out a 10k Defender Class VXP token when destroyed.

The Scourge have a new technology that is slowing ships in the vicinity.  This is more powerful in the higher difficulty targets (100), but note the Fangtooth and the Hunter has the ability to resist this.  The 60 target does not have this effect, and the Tideseeker will be effective here.

Unidentified Raider Fleets, salvage, and elite targets will spawn the entire time and pay out VXP like in past VXP weekends.

We are still running a discount on VXP Bulk buy for Courage and Justice Hulls. Alternatively, destroy the level 100 Unidentified Raiders for a VXP token that can be applied to any Defender class hull.

We now have additional UI you will see when you click on a Target that will notify you of which targets are worth additional VXP.

Titans Unleashed 2

From noon on 10/17 and running until noon on 10/24, we are unleashing our next Mega TLC.  If you are a Mega Hull owner this is the TLC for you!  This is similar to Titans Unleashed,  but the end prize this time is the Jet Engine which will increase the Penetrative Power of your weapons and drones!

Please note all engines will now buff all mega weapon, mega drones, and equipped standard weapons, specifically for their module damage.  

See Campaign in-game for more info.

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