Rampage's Question of the Week - Caress of Steel Tier 7 Ship specific targets

  • Jamie_J099
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    Better than previous events
    i found the raid hard but doable i use the fleet kix offerd for 10 bucks  the tides but only used 1 htide 3 normal  i aquired all left hand side with grease monkeys attached only problem i found was if low level players didnt have tides or grease monkeys they were basicaly out of the raid as level 45 targets were scarese and very low payout on points so ull find most low level players never even attempted the raid but i can say i enjoyed it meself rely put your driving to the test
  • Ice_DS
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    Better than previous events
    when you say "previous event" i'm assuming you meant the format for points and target structure since this is the 1st of the target styles.....

    I liked having the OPTION of earning additional bonus. Just hope it doesnt become a REQUIREMENT due to the point cost of prizes going up.......
  • Milo-Ant
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    Can't really vote as there wasn't an option that best suited my answer:-

    Were they better than previous event? Possibly , BUT the fangtooth one was very time consuming. The hunter one less so, and it could be done with Fangs...was this by design or mistake?

    Were they the same as previous events? No because they could not be prepped for anyone else (I also have no intention of asking for CO OP targets as I see them as a big NO NO

    Were they worse than previous events? Well there was 2 targets instead of one, but they paid more points though most of it was in bonus (leading me to believe things could get really bad?) and as above you could not prep. Still a lot of points needed in raid though possibly not as bad as of late

    I hit mainly T7  targets except for 1 x 89 and a 61 last off. I was 70k short of another gale3 with 10 minutes to go so hit a 61. This was a big mistake, as it had most of the drive time but only paid 40k :(

    All in all, I got nearly what I wanted, still had to get 390 mil to do that which I still feel is way to high a target.

    Yes I still prefer when 30 mil bought all

    BUT it was nice to see a step back from stupid amounts required, now lets stop doing BOUNTY every month and start playing the game please

  • Dale Christenson49
    Dale Christenson49
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    Ok  when is ***** going to return the 1.3 million it took out of my raid points....  what u guys learn to be cheap ******  again

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  • Jane Sparrow
    Jane Sparrow
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    Better than previous events
    I feel like Kixeye thinks that people make money/charge coins for prepping (like the mercs) and that they are attempting to recoup these and put them back in their pocket by "cutting out the middleman" so to speak. All they really did was cut off their nose to spite their face. They alienated half their player base or more and people like me that normally prep for friends and alliance mates, simply had a coin-free raid and kept our coins in our pockets. I'll be very honest and say that most raids I spend $50 at least on prepping for people. Not because I can't do the targets for free because I generally can but because I am rushing to get as much done for people as possible. This causes me to make mistakes and therefore increases repair time. I am also less likely to return to base and tear apart a fleet to instant each hull if the fleet is over 5 minutes. So, basically, I value my time enough to pay the coins versus taking the time to do it free. 

    Those that merc/get paid are few and far between and those that hire mercs to get decent points for less coin are NOT going to pay the same 100 coin for the few million they can get on their own, they will just sit it out. Eventually, those players will just stop playing altogether and I (and many like me that enjoy helping) will get bored and the game will fade away.

    The T7 targets themselves - I enjoyed, felt they were balanced and loved the fact that the skill fleet could do Hunter Bay for instant repair with skillful driving. I know many have complained that the opposite wasn't true for hunter fleets but I feel that is appropriate. 
  • carl.wear.3
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    Better than previous events
    This was my best raid ever. Got 250 mil points. I only have 4 fangtooth's and 1 hunter so I could only do the fangtooth campaign. The fangtooth campaign, at times did get a little boring but it was doable. If you got the driving right, you could usually avoid damage ( except for the cheat thorn damage) and if you got the driving wrong; you knew about it damage wise but the damage was nowhere near as punishing as previous raids where one slip in driving or a lag spike; got 1/2 the fleet killed.

    The good bits. 
    -Fangtooth target was doable for little damage when you got it right and moderate damage when you got it wrong.
    -Campaign tower stopped targets blowing up when 1/2 done and no searching for a target.
    -Good point payout for them.

    The bad.
    -No co-op.
    -Can't use other ships in the targets. This is a pain when screw up in the target and it just needs a little hit to kill it but I can't use zombie subs or tides to just kill that last pesky ship thats ready to drop.

    Other comments
    -There needs to be some kind of co-op target ( even if its a different type of target to the current ones { special co-op target only?}) that enables players to help out the lower lvls.
    -I am not a fan of the needing 2 fleet types to get the full bonus from targets. How about having 4 elite targets, 2 for fangtooths and 2 for hunters. Keep the 4 mil per target but if do 2 of each type then get the 2 mil bonus on top of what you already get. That allows for players with only one fleet type to get the full bonus and it breaks up the monotony of hitting the same target over and over and over.

    - If these are to become the new uranium targets after the raid cycle is over, getting uranium will be very boring and tedious chore.
  • Dale Christenson49
    Dale Christenson49
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    This is great another player in the sector i am in call *****  a OXYMORON   for treating customers the way u do....
  • Cookie Diver
    Cookie Diver
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    Worse than previous events
    Once my hunter fleet was complete could do the Hunter S set relatively easily (I did all 99)... dunno why they capped it there... could have done a handful more.  Didn't make sense that in the Fang campaign my hunters literally melted and yet the fangs could do the Hunter with insta repairs...  I did like not having to hunt for hours for S targets... but not being able to prep or have someone prep the targets wasn't a great idea!!  I was able to do the S set for less damage than the 80s targets, so I stuck to them...  
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  • DeadSinner
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    Better than previous events
    I was very concerned going in. The reason this format won me over is twofold:
    1) Fangtooth could do its own target and, with reasonable damage, could do the Hunter target. That's in line with my expectation the skill hull should be superior to the auto hull, and it is.
    2) Targets can't be stolen if you need to retreat, and won't reap out of map until timer runs out - two problems with map targets.

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  • DaMerlyn
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    Better than previous events
    I had no problems, but I am a bigger player and I coin. I want CO OP prepable targets included please!

  • DerpyTheCow
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    I was never able to hit these targets, even though I had four Fangs build. I did not put charged armor on them, so did not want to sink in the target.

    I will mention how prepping was significantly harder this raid than last, which means that people can not "merc" and pay someone else to do their raid, leading to lower points (and lower $$$) overall.
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  • AerialVictini
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    Better than previous events
    I disliked it in the beginning, but I came to like it by the end of the raid. As others have pointed out, the Fangtooth can do the Hunter targets, albeit with much greater risk of damage, but not the other way around. If this is a nod that we will still have skill/"auto" hulls for raids in the future where the skill hull can do the "auto" targets for higher risk but generally not the other way, I will be fine with that. It's akin to the 116 being tuned for Skyfires but still able to be done with Phoenix, and messing up means big repairs. I don't know if this means that in the next iteration of this raid cycle that the hulls will be completely obliterated if they're in the wrong target or not I hope not...
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  • D1rew0lf
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    I participated in the event but did not hit a tier 7 target
    I barely participated in this raid, mostly due to having built (so some degree of arming and specials) a fleet of Hellwraiths with a Phantom Hellwraith in front. They were not ranked, but even so, a level 61 blockade (which was still below my level and less points) could kill them with only a couple ships being sunk. With 45s in low supply due to few active low level players, I barely got to 100K points; not enough to get anything. So, while I *am* building a fleet of Hunter MK-1s, I would like to know if Hellwraiths are just sunk for the next raid, or will the targets be revamped to allow subs below the Fang to survive.
  • PenguinPants
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    Better than previous events
    I'm really surprised that this raid was actually fun. (...if you had Fangs. It's pretty ugly for those who don't)

    Hunter Bay was especially entertaining. The clouds make for interesting pathing and the target was short and sweet. Though for Hunters, I have not seen anything less than a 5 hull full built fleet complete this. (I only used my Hunters to clear out the Gluts)

    On the other hand, I did not enjoy Fangtooth depths as much (though it was still acceptable). The ships were really tanky and dealing with Goblins were a pain. I will be adding sonar to my sub so I don't run into another Goblin. I suggest adding some more navigating room.

    Overall, good job on designing the Fangtooth. Having ~5 range of leeway is very nice for moving targets. And additionally, the slow from Dread acts like a bonus safety net. For those that are very skilled, keeping enemies in the edge of the field allows for devastating damage. I've successfully tried both targets with 2 Fangs, which is a good sign for a skill hull. I would like to see the Delirium torp effect to have some sort of indicator debuff because I did not see one.

    The final event of the Assault cycle was a disaster. But this recent event kinda-sorta made up for it... if only you had better communicated the format. What happened to our event briefings that explained ship and weapon types? I think bringing those back will help rebuild trust and dissipate rumors.

    *Also not happy about the price mark-up for Gale 3's. Though TY for the 10x Hunter tokens. And I was hoping to see some skirmish tokens. Also thank you to CM Major_Rampage for continuing to improve communication.
  • CaptainArrrr
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    This was the worst raid in history, everything was out before the raid, Thanks for saving me $100, on that note, the whole game is nothing but chores to build boats for the next raid, no more sector wars, no more lining up to kill fleets, no more trying to stop people from hitting bases......BORING.......half of the bases on the map are dead, great work guys keep it up by january you'll only have the whales playing and then.........there were none....poof!
  • Nerdbo
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    Worse than previous events

    My game play this month was no accurate as I had a lot of family commitments so had to blitz, only doing the Fangtoothat camp 20 times.
    The plus side is if I had the time to play like usual I could make 400mil for 100-150 coins easy. Then prep 80's for free making this an extremely cheap raid for me.
    The down side is the amount of time to prep 80's for struggling player is far far too long. So you can not help very many.
    So great for me, and bad for all the lower level players.

  • rea1176
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    Better than previous events
    i didnt have any issues with the targets themselves however i did not like that they were locked in campaign and we were not able to help out Ally mates. i am in a mid sized alliance and those of us that can prep spent a lot of time helping our members that need it and this was greatly cut in this current set up.
  • jcatalano
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    Better than previous events
         First off, great first raid of the series. I did like how they were in out personal campaign towers, no hunting around for targets and having a hard time completing a set if we had to. No stealing of targets, no targets blowing up on you if you lost a fleet or jumped out to repair. I was not a huge fan of their being 2 target on the first raid of the series but how you went about it was okay in my opinion. I also appreciate how the skill hull (fangtooth) was able to do both targets but not the other way around in regards to the MK-1. Having 2 different targets (with reasonable damage) enabled those that chose either direction of ship build to participate in this raid and in the end do well for themselves.

         The fangooth target in itself was a bit too large tedious and took a while to complete compared to the hunter target making it very tedious. With these targets being in out campaign towers and not preppable for lower levels is great. Yeah, a possible setback in profit for the moment but it will help players become self sufficient and not rely on others every raid to get the tech handed to them and then have no idea how to properly build/utilize said tech.

         The points for the this target set was very rewarding to either fleet being used as well as the bonus upon completion. As has already been said if this route it kept please keep the required points for prizes in line with other players that only have one fleet and possibly those grinding out the set below 7. Also, the blitz feature felt was very reasonable for those that may not have had enough time to grind out all the points required for what they wanted.

      It would be nice to get the targeting situation under control asap as that did cause a lot of grief for some - I, myself, had no problem with it because I always came upon the gluttony's in such a way where I did not have that problem but i did see it happen and it did get annoying real quick. 

         My biggest gripe was the fact that you locked out all ships except for the Fangtooth/MK-1 from T7, so be it if someone wants to bring in an older fleet and give it a go. Maybe they will take a heavy loss or maybe they will be rewarded, the strategy is slowly dissipating in this game which i'm sure all can agree is not what anyone wants.  Strategy is what makes this game fun.

         All in all I enjoyed it and thought it was a great roll-out for a new series of targets so well dont kixeye. And also kudos to you rampage for the communication you have been providing with us, much appreciated. 
  • winston.smith.355
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    Worse than previous events
    I give a HUGE thumbs down on the two tier 7 targets. I did manage to get everything I wanted. But I expected that if there was going to be two targets that it would happen next raid. Most people don't have the hunter fleet complete yet. There is not enough time.And I'm not gonna coin a second fleet.
  • follow.tiffers
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    I participated in the event but did not hit a tier 7 target
    Most players don't have hulls to get the hulls so they can do targets to get the hulls. 
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  • Dale Christenson49
    Dale Christenson49
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    Dale Christenson49 said: if KIXCHITis cheap enough to take points away because i made them with 11 minutes left on the clock..  then to play fair.  after the raid was done KIXCHIT removed all the level 45`s and left  60`s and the 80`s  lets talk about that
    Ok  when is ***** going to return the 1.3 million it took out of my raid points....  what u guys learn to be cheap ******  again

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  • ZERO aka Jack
    ZERO aka Jack
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    Worse than previous events
    I wasn't too sure how to answer this as the question is so broad. So I focussed on the point I think you were asking about two different targets for two different fleets. That I didn't like. It was far too soon. You are putting huge pressure on players lately to coin on every aspect of the game right now. On the whole this is making me rethink if I can afford to play this game and I am a whale. I am not at all interested in playing if I can not be competitive at the top end of the game.

    I did like the targets themselves and I did like the points payouts for each. I totally resented only being able to get the Tier 7 bonus if I had both fleets. If it wasn't for the cheaper blitz option deal I would have sat out this raid and maybe started to drift away from the game.

    BP has continued to decline at an even faster rate in 2017. Nothing is getting better, the content overload and chores are getting worse each month in my experience. The game has lost the fun factor. Kixeye controlled PvP is not PvP, it is PvE.
    Reduce the cost of this game. Then I might play more and spend more. Yes spend more. Because right now spending a lot gets you nowhere.
  • A game
    A game
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    I did not participate in the event
    I started the event, but after seeing that a player needed both types of fleets to do 2 different targets to get a completion bonus just really hit a nerve and decided to just not do any of it...I remember the days of past when we could use just a single fleet to hit multiple different targets to complete a set or just single payout targets which I felt had a "fun-factor" that has been lost in the past year.  I strongly feel that having the need of 2 different fleets to do a raid or TLC is just extreme and not necessary.
  • Dale Christenson49
    Dale Christenson49
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    Good for u Rampage u can spell...But other then that your wrong  KIXCHIT won`t let me use support because i i will not be blackmail into paying $$50.00 for support that should already be there ...But thats the way they treat their CUSTOMER..ok u can correct my spellin errors....but the truth will come out sooner or later..on how KIXCRAP treats it customer base.
    Incursion Leader
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    The same as previous events
    I liked the targets. I did not like how long it takes to do them.
    I did not like the pressure from Kixeye to have both fleets ready to do each target. I do not buy into the 'reward players for having both fleets'. This was unwelcome pressure, once again, from Kixeye to coin every aspect of the game. 
    I resented strongly that extra bonus was only available for having both fleets to kill both of the tier 7 targets with different fleets. But I did like to points payout for just the Fangtooth campaign, for which I had Fangtooths.

    I don't think that Kixeye understand their own game from their players perspective. You are killing my enthusiasm for this game.
    Remember Kixeye, PLAYERS FIRST!
  • Isa Meral
    Isa Meral
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    I participated in the event but did not hit a tier 7 target
    i liked it, it was more relax while no fear of target stealing. but why did you limit to tier6 hulls only? i can not even try my recently refitted tides with latest equipment
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    Better than previous events
    Very low seat times if you were able to do both T7 campaigns was an excellent idea. So I had to spend only a very minimal time in the game collecting points and was done by Friday evening. This helped me with not getting fatigued and developing a serious dislike for the raid module as in previous versions.

    Being able to use the Fang fleet in a Hunter recommended environment was a challenge but it was a good challenge with great end results. This is something which had been lacking in the game.  

    Same goes to 89 blitz targets with 1 coin per 800k points. Helped a lot of mid level players who had the fleets but were not in a shape to undertake campaigns.

    However, prepping T6 (81,83 and 85) targets for lower tiers who were not in a position to do the campaigns nor the blitz, was a real pain.

    You still haven't addressed the issue of new comers and lower end players 'not having a hope of getting anywhere in the game' issue. It is getting aggravated and your overall player base is coming down. 
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  • SecondTime
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    I participated in the event but did not hit a tier 7 target
    Fix the gate and walls why have them come up out of the water ? All that stuff is what cause the lag in the game.  will not hit targets that has that stuff going on so i cant even hit base parts the lag in them targets is out of control fix that part of the game / and the crews need to be updated !!

  • kixeyeuser_1401561753325_100003939824742
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    I participated in the event but did not hit a tier 7 target
    it was a nice option as the targets couldn't be sniped and stolen while repairing  but I personally don't thin that they should have been tuned towards having full fleets of either to be remotely viable for the raid. to get your points  and the points all around on the tagets where too low  way too grindy. fact i ended up say "F" it day one cause it was going to be more of a grind then i had time available with my limited play time per week.
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