Rampage's Question of the Week - Caress of Steel Tier 7 Ship specific targets

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Howdy Folks,

I wanted to check in with everyone since it was a huge topic of contention before the raid went live, about the Tier 7 Targets.  This event we had 2 Targets that were only for Tier 6 Hulls,  Hunter's Bay and Fangtooth Depths.  I know there was concerns about the targets, the point values,  prize costs, and seat time. 

I want to know what your experience with the Tier 7 targets was.
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Rampage's Question of the Week - Caress of Steel Tier 7 Ship specific targets 802 votes

Better than previous events
DeadSinnerBiggSuperTurgondThomas HiggsCaptain-KEYPRICEisWRONGAerialVictiniNišt Ne KužimStarlight31boghooterPaulholioLarry LangleyGerrit KimpeIzzwaldRhonijaSidVGLADIAT0RZODIAC95Lars ChristiansenBobK 291 votes
The same as previous events
xCrookxMark A SchusterSoulvampyrSharBearThugKim William Harnagelmichaelg21dbuDamnation-n-HellfireJeff RandleFiremanHawkFountan drinkTheSilent_KillCaptRichKJefferyKuoCandy CartyGorillaMaskHans Otto Christensenslauer31KODIAK BEARNug Martin 90 votes
Worse than previous events
Zuni - EX2bpmgray beardnrubnusHellHound_DPGolden Knightsbob2312hitmanJohn Seymournitelifekopcat09tdc012AltonatorUberFoX360John-wHoot343Mercianalexander dewinterstevezeigmontgomery scott 171 votes
I participated in the event but did not hit a tier 7 target
Dennis Towerrip901balle klorinvirgwraith0908captain hellDead_Base64Joe LauricellaJun-Young ChungJohn B TreharneBrandon Dixonmrbatescureayenobodyp_b82liv957Tom Dunnlelle3030cyreneohONE-EYE 196 votes
I did not participate in the event
angelus dragulMikeHuntHurtzLakhbir SinghTheLostGuardianXcaluburHms-NimrodMuddyWolfarnastCyanide SandwichcookieonetwoAladar jarokRoger QuibellA gamejeffreyjamesdeathstarip wildmanSid001devil666hellbattleaxe253Miggs504 54 votes
  • kixeyeuser_1412358654072_100008197471919
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    Better than previous events
    I liked them but only because fangs could do both targets. thinking sometimes that the hunter bay was the better target for fangs because it was more time rewarding, more suited for the skill hull ;)
  • aagnii
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    Better than previous events
    Breakdown of what was and cud be
    1) Something many were happy with.. 1 coin blitz ( now.. this was a freebie and a option.. so dont u fckrs crib and cry )
    2) T7.. for those with fangs.. very doable with carefull tactical driving.. Hunters  got decimated in the  Fang depth target which  just doesnt make 
        sense.. Allow for both skirmisher type hulls to work in every target specially as the apex hunter was a prize in this raid so players wudnt hv it  built and  skulled in a day...
    3) A sets.. for fangs.. well worth it.. Hunters ( without flag).. took way to much damage .. was not cool
    4) The debate continous as to why the harlock tide and tides ( being old hulls).. wasnt allowed in the top T7.. Surely devs cudnt find a way to counter       the fleet when on full blood thirst so this was shut out.. not cool at all..
        Must allow the use of a particular hull type as per the event.. skirmish.. as this is.. to be used in all targets
    5)  Fang tooth  , even a few built and ranked.. allowed hundreds to grind thru this event and that was a very good aspect
    6) Tier bonus: T7 bonus.. spot on.. gotta appreciate this
    7) Above all.. balanced prizes.. no overkill.. easy raid

    Thanks much to the team..

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  • Sputnik001
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    The same as previous events
    I still believe that the skill hull should be able to do both targets with minimal damage...to which it was. The blitz hull I believe should be the step down from this, so not do as well (as you'd expect - not like the 106 of the last assault)

    Overall it wasn't too bad...I did like the fact that the T7 were campaignable, although remove the timer......(I know why its there but nevertheless..)

    The Hunter T7 - managed a couple of them, but with the Hunter on auto, was able to get 10mins more damage than me driving the Fangs, there was the usual lag issue so that didn't help, but initially was thinking no different than the 106....I did change my mind though near the end of the raid...unfortunately a bit too late.

    Would be good to see these targets again next raid.....
  • Alpha__Wolf
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    Better than previous events
    It was better than I expected,since I had fangs it worked out very well.That said,if you had only hunters,or something less say tides or hws it was a very difficult raid.The hunters did excel in the hunter bay camp but were no match for the fangtooth camp.
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  • John1975
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    Worse than previous events
    Went with worse due fact they were locked to only tier 6 hulls and locked to campaign tower. Had it not been for those 2 very big issues would have been better than previous raids. 
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  • blue_army2004
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    Better than previous events
    The only downside that i can see is that the fangs were able to do the hunter campaign but the hunter couldnt do the fang campaig
    you can use both fleets in either campaign. 
  • MuddyWolf
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    I did not participate in the event
    I need to change my selection to....

    "I participated in the event but did not hit a tier 7 target"

     Carry on. :| 
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  • david.j.lindsay.5
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    The same as previous events
    Didn't like the hull locking.  That takes away a whole lot of the creative options that make the game fun.  Otherwise a pretty good raid.
  • michaelg21
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    The same as previous events
    In my opinion, the new ship specific targets were nice-but not really necessary. Most raids for the past couple of years have had at least 2 fleets where you guys have labeled them "skill" or "auto". Though I wouldn't really ever call them truly "auto". Just a play on words. We are given a choice of which (or both) fleets to build. Adding a separate target doesn't seem to be exciting, at least not to me. Call it what you want to, but it's the same to me.
  • BlackPoops98
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    The same as previous events
    I was able to do Fangtooth depths which one might consider better then previous events where usually I am unable to do an elite / S / tier 7 target at all the first event in a new raid cycle. For example in July I had only a single Skyfire built and used it to grind tier 5 sets. Because at the last minute the Hunter specific target was added I was really only able to do half of the tier 7 target set. Edit: I know some people had success using Fangs in the Hunter target, that was not my experience because I am not that skilled of a pilot.

    Even though I was able to earn enough points to get what I needed to build a Hunter fleet which will be ready by the December tech store I was still left unsatisfied by this raid since I will still not really be elite class capable until the final raid in the cycle and that is my typical experience with the top target in the first raid in a cycle.

    Also, the tier and class locking on the targets was atrocious. I never used a Gunboat flagship for subs so I had to dig up an old Sea Wolf to flag my Fangs because LCX (Garrison class) and Destroyer (Assault class) which are my two sub flags were both denied access based on ship class. 
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  • I participated in the event but did not hit a tier 7 target
    hi i did a 89 blockade and got my fleet of tides sank as the fleet froze in battle and didn't get any thing for it cost  me 13 hrs repair which stopped me from doing more of the raid so want do you intend to do about it give the points or not 

  • John1975
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    Worse than previous events
    hi i did a 89 blockade and got my fleet of tides sank as the fleet froze in battle and didn't get any thing for it cost  me 13 hrs repair which stopped me from doing more of the raid so want do you intend to do about it give the points or not 

    blitz targets are a waste of space on the map. Points pay out are so low and cost way way too high. Way better off hitting even 60's set pays more for lot less coin in repairs. 80's set pays out heck of lot more. Considering I could do ether of the 100's targets no crew on for 3 coin repair. I dont see why anyone would waste time on Blitz target that is same as paying to upgrade row of walls a complete highway robbery. 
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  • Damnation-n-Hellfire
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    The same as previous events
    I will add the caveat to my vote tho that had we not found a way to do hunters bay with fangs it would have sucked really bad. Targets are still too big and time consuming imo though  which is why i rank it about the same as others
  • hitman
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    Worse than previous events
    I voted worse than previous events due to the fact that i couldn't prep the highest level targets for alliance mates.  This is a major downside ad made the entire event a tedious drag and i am very unlikely to participate beyond a couple of hours for the next one
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  • nrubnus
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    Worse than previous events
    Maybe give the option to hit T7 targets either on the world map or through campaign. That way those who prefer the campaign route have that option and those who want to prep for lowers have the option too.
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  • Sir_Viper
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    Better than previous events
    Did 67 Hunter Bay, not sure I could have found that many if Tier7 was on the map and only around the 6 DUB's

    Bit too much of a handicap against Hunters to do Fang Depth and get the "October Bonus", and in the Tier6 targets.
    So basically as a Hunter driver options were limited to repeating 1 target. But overall pleased with the raid.

  • AnEyeForAnEye
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    edited 16 Oct 2017, 10:28PM
    The same as previous events
    For me it was about the same.

    But i dont think the targets were at fault but more the 3 week event preceding the event.

    Randomness of tokens in skirmish chest + a poorly delivered VXP weekend with little advance warning of changes basicly killed this for me.

    Yes i managed to kill 5-6 7 S target with my poorly advance fangs (mainly torps + engine with no armor and barelly decent rank), but it wasnt fun. i had to time out a few times, i took heavy dmg for each mistake (due to lack of resistance special and armor).

    Better planning of changes and reevaluating of built time on these pve hull is needed.

    If you had sufficiently built/ranked ship, it was ok, but if you couldnt get them ranked and built sufficiently, it wasnt fun at all.

    Plus, the fact they were in a campaing and couldnt be prepped migh explain the lwoer number we are saying of player able to achieve even one of the new ship ( 15 mil was about 9k players), you basicly pushed 20k player behind.
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  • FireStorm91
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    Worse than previous events
    I am not a fan of having two targets, requiring two hulls, to complete a set. I had said on another post, that if you want to make the S target in the campaigns, have them 2 targets for the Hunters, 2 targets for the Fangs. 

    As a Hunter Mk-1 owner, here are my thoughts.
    I found the Hunters Bay "possible" with minor refits, and I think I will be better prepared next raid, but I would have preferred lower damaging torpedoes, higher damage splash weapons. As it stands, the torpedoes "Require" Charged armor now, whereas the splash from their weapons doesn't quite. I think the balance isn't quite there. It was a obvious loophole in the Hunter design, it looks like one person came up with the Hunter, and another came up with a target to counter the Hunter.

    The people saying they were better targets, are the Fangtooth owners, because they could do both. 

    With that said though, the points were fine, given the damage taken. I still think the Hunter needs some buffs to have it be up there along side the Fangtooth. I am just not a fan of having two targets to complete a set, but I am fine with having them in the campaign list.
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  • GorillaMask
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    The same as previous events

    Using 4 hunters somewhat adequately built I found the T7 Hunter bay very doable...never tried the fang T7 since well, I had no fangs....
    Yes hitting the same target 50 times was unbearable, but if this is the gonna be the norm going forward....
    1) "A" sets seem to be left for the prepping table...which using my fleet of hunters made no sense to hit( hit one 83)...still would like to see some sort of T7 on the world map
    2) points for the camp were the reward but let's not go crazy and start jacking the prize prices up too, 100 mil seems to be the norm now for a decent raid.

    Anyone who bothered to actually read the whine fest from the OP could push a Volvo through the gaping holes in each argument.
  • G-Rydah88
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    The same as previous events
    Co-op campaign the 85's were terrible to prep
  • The Qing
    The Qing
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    @G-Rydah88 said:
    Co-op campaign the 85's were terrible to prep

    why does everybody ask for co-op? You assume kixeye won't jack up the difficulty knowing that 2 or more people can hit the target?

    It's only game, why you have to be mad?
  • Lantz
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    Better than previous events
    Overall, better then previous events, but not for the reasons you want.

    I don't like having to have 2 fleets for completion of T7 for the first cycle of the raid... To much to build in to short a time, maybe its just too rich for my blood.  

    If we just had the fang target, i would have voted this raid was same a previous raid, too long seat time/target (10-15min each), unforgiving targets (excessive damage  for small errors), but decent points.  The thing that made this raid better was fangs in the hunter target, targets were quick to complete (5min or less), good points payout, and while still unforgiving damage the risk was worth it due to the shorter seat time.

    Now I fully expect you all to "Fix" the hunter targets for next raid so that they are not as accessible for the fangs, which IMO will lessen the fun of the raid.

    Tips for next raid:
    -either don't mess with the hunter target or shorten the seat time of the fang target
    -dont add targets to the fang or hunter campaigns without giving each individual campaign its own completion bonus.
    -bump up the number of old charged armors (X/M) you can redeem for those who are building phx/sky/ib fleets for the next generation chore targets.  5 a months isn't enough.
  • Ray_P
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    Worse than previous events
    For  a first raid and at the point where MOST players were they were to tough and not enough maneuvering room.  Hess complexity and more room to maneuver next time.

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  • Fractal
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    The same as previous events
    I enjoyed the tier 7 targets. Mostly hit Depths, but hit about a dozen Hunters. I appreciated that I could do well in both targets with a partially complete Fang fleet. Advertising the Hunter as "meant for Hunter fleets" was a good idea. I liked that you had 6 hours to complete them. If you mess up royally, you could still repair and attempt later. 

    Payout was nice, especially if we attempted both targets. High reward for high risk.
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