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CM we are not terror you are the terror

Pain World
Pain World
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you put an Arabic Islamic name and pointed it as the terror bad guys in the game (yusif Al-Baghdadi) all the meaning of this is to say that hey Muslim and Islam are terror, we are not the terror your country and government is the terror they all murder there is no humanity in your leader they are blind when innocent Muslim die but they talk about humanity and terror when it came to any person else expect the Muslim guy.

well let me light your mind who is the terror in this world:

1- we didn't started the WW1
2- we didn't kill 45 Million person in WW2 
3-we didn't try to erase an entire culture by killing and raped their innocent people and women like the Europe Serbia did to the Bosnia and Herzegovina they kill more 300000 innocent people and they raped more than 60000 Muslim women, their only crime was that they are Muslim they suffer 4 year from the animal in Serbia and Croatia and all the animal in the UN who talk about humanity choose to be silent and they blind their eye about all the crime against the humanity.
4-we don't kill every day an innocent people in Burma
5-we don't bomb hospital and school killing children and women they are all innocent like Israel Bombing the Phalstain and taking their ground and home by force.
6- we didn't bombing Iraq in the name of chemical weapon and then after killing a dozen of people and destroying their country and then we say ohh sorry we didn't find anything.
7-if someone named Muslim even if he has no relation to Islam kill someone he is terror but if another us or European person kill some Muslim he is not terror he has some psychology issue.

8- and a lot a lot of crime against the humanity in the name of humanity.    


Where is the UN why they don’t do anything to the criminal or terror in Burma or the Muslim in Burma isn’t human and yet Kixeye come and say he the Muslim are terror and we must clean the Europe from them. What kind of human you are what religion you have where is your logic, we are not terror your country is the place of terror birth your country who talk about humanity create those monsters and put them in the Muslim world all to serve their master Israel. I if the almighty god say in his holy Quran ((if you kill one innocent life is like you kill all the humanity and if you save one single innocent life is like you save the humanity all) I challenge you to quote a single verse like this form any other book in the world.


This has to be change the name and the story of the game I hope all the Muslim in the game to stop playing this which insulted the Muslim and Islam and humanity as well as.

    And don’t close this thread or delete it just answer it I didn’t expect such illogical move from kixeye full of hatred.   In the end I say ((the true hart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed )) I saw this quote and being it it has a deep meaning for those who understand the humanity and has a heart of human.

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