10/11 Update Notes

CM Major_Rampage
CM Major_Rampage
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Howdy Captains,

As many of you saw we released our Event Briefing yesterday for Caress of Steel.  So we don't have any new features to announce with the Update this morning. 

Bugs and Fixes:
  • Corrected  Issue preventing Bounty Prize redemptions if it would leave you with zero boutny
  • Corrected DUBs not paying out Uranium
  • Corrected Conquest Yard getting stuck while repairing
  • Can now use tokens to speed up Conquest Yard
  • Corrected Mega Module weight calculation error
  • Corrected Conquest Yard failing to appear when stashed in the base planner
  • Corrected problem slow repairing PvE fleets during Bounty
  • Corrected rocket range boosts calculating incorrectly with a Hull's built in buff
  • Corrected getting locked up when using a fleet repair token on a slow repairing a fleet.
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