Official Event Discussion Thread - Caress of Steel

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    Milo-Ant said:
    Laredo said:
    bowtan said:
    why has kixeye took it upon its self to stop alliance team mates helping each other i can  not help anyone in my alliance due to the larger targets in players own towers and the 80s just seem to blow up when you come out most of the time which makes me not want to help if 50% of what i prep is going to waste could kix please introduce co op targets in the towers so we can help each other after all it is the one thing in the game i still enjoyed  
    Putting the T7 targets had the unexpected result of putting Mercs more or less outa business for target prepping.  Kixeye will more than likely take the targets out of the tower next month.

    I personally like them in the tower since it won't reap for 6 hours once activated and can't be poached.

    Yes, kix will more than likely change it back but...mostly because of those 2 points you mentioned you liked. since it cant be poached many are doing it instant rep(back in dock) with as few as 3 fangs. so kix are losing the coins. if they put it on map no one will dare to leave it to dock and instant repair or even retreat n instant rep on map. If kix really cared about mercs being put out of business or lil ones falling behind theyd keep it as it is and make it co op.

    CO OP would be a very, very bad idea

    Please consider what would happen if it became CO OP before asking for it

    CO-OP does not work. People seem to have forgotten  a few things. The first one being that often one person would get in, the next person that tried to jump in would be thrown into the middle of the battlefield and die very quickly. The warzone co-op comes to mind. Secondly when targets were geared for Co-OP they were turned up to 11. A good amount of people couldn't touch these targets even if they wanted to. Third, since coop was weighted by how much a player did damage-wise this would not make points easier for players that don't have the tech or driving skills. Finally, I have heard people talk in a positive light about how much fun the scourge co-op was. For those that were not around during that time, don't buy into this hype. At the time I was in an alli of about 60 players. Of the 60, maybe 8 could do the coop. The others had no chance because of the reasons I stated earlier. The raid cycle these folks are talking positively about was the first time the scourge showed up in the game. If you go into the archives, you would see countless people were so **** off by the targets they threw their hands up in the air, and said F it. That was at a time we even lost one of our best mods because of how ridiculous it had become. To sum up, any new or low level player that thinks CO-OP would be beneficial to them is being lied to. They were designed for higher level players, and had many issues. 
    You're actually wrong about the coop.  About 2 1/2 - 3 years ago, all the raid targets were in the campaign menu and were coop.  This was back when I was still very much a noob about the game and had decided to get serious about it.  I had several alli members prepping the elite targets for me.  I would enter the tower to activate it, leave (or sit in the corner), then they would prep the target for me and then I would re-enter and finish it off for credit toward the set bonus.  It worked like a charm.
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    John1975 said:
    3 Targets were way too time consuming. Making them very boring as even hitting top targets was a massive grind. When you have the top fleet you are not interested in a "grind" that is no fun at all. 

    really? i thought it was much less grindy and more interesting than last year's skirmish. 3 pulls in the hunter, 5 (of which the 2 in the center are pretty small) in the fang, then glut mop-up..

    but i'm a weirdo.
    I can feel you judging me. That's palpable. But, hey, I never said I was the hero of this story.
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    The event is officially over in all worlds, thanks all for participating and we'll see you all next month. 

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