Wasting points from Bounty/Raid

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Come on Kixeye we have payed for these points with time and coins its about time we were allowed to spend all the points we have a crewed in Bounty/Raids there is nothing left under 5k to buy in bounty but i will have just under 5k when i spend my tokens. OK so you can't just put all on sale but you could make tokens unlimited what is the point of 1x12hour token or you could even buy them back for coins. WHAT DO YOU SAY Kixeye?      
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    I thought I saw a Structure Build in the prizes for only a couple K...
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    Unless you want to give me something for the time it took me to respond to your "request"...
    I'd say the need for this is a bit over exaggerated
    You played a game, you didn't punch a time card.

    "Every time there is a change in the game it seems the general reply is a complaint about the changes before they ever happen.  However every time the game changes we use strategy and adapt to the changes and we get used to them. .....without these changes, the game would become boring." -captaindirty 10/31/2017
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    Every time someone complains about things like this, the good people at Kixeye hold their breath and wait for us to figure out that if we just coined a bit more we could get the points needed to buy the really big prizes. If you already have all the prizes, then really you've gotten your time/money's worth. There are always excess points, in every raid/mission.....
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    thier was a time that extra rade points converted to recorces
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    i'm right with you on the ext points we get and can't use seem like kixeye would add some 1 hour  build, 1 hour repair or something so we can use the points we have left over i had 1380 point left over from bounty. i'd like to use them/ really you don't know how many point you will have left over till you use what you have
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    WELL, DID THE BOUNTY THIS TIME and was bored. No bases to hit because they were dead or worth nothing. Jackpots were very limit for a few minutes a day.  No build tokens offered at the end except one 12 hour token. What a sad joke.
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    Agreed that more build tokens should be available. And mad that the conqueror is in this upcoming raid prizes for 4k
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    kixeye has got the last dime from me! what pissed me off is the removal of the 91 mega was the last straw with the upgrade 10 OP players needed a lot more titanium to keep upgrading, it put me to a stand still, most every thing needs titanium, Second thing that pissed me off is the Courage that i had a hard time ranking i pick up two in Bounty 1 built them and was ready to rank them and found out i could not hit the big target for a lot of rank in VXP weekend I have them rank now with the VXP from bounty 2. i just scrap a lot of my hulls today that were full rank that i spent a lot of time ranking Kixeye needs to start giving build tokens out for older hulls that way we can get something in return from them. And the left over points from raid and Bounty and anything else should not be lost they should be either be rolled over to the nest event or put in a way to use them i lost 1380 points in Bounty 2 and a lot more in Bounty.1. 
    I am closing my account soon and all the hundreds of dollars i would of spent went with it 
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