Clarity on Recalling Subs Needed

Potential Threat
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I know there have been previous discussions related to how subs return to base after being 100% destroyed, but I thought those bugs were fixed. It was before I started using subs, so I didn't keep up with it much.

I tried a lvl 200 fleet and got blasted. I clicked recall fleet to speed things up. Next thing I know its a 7 hour ride home. This does not happen with my FM or other fleets. 

So, should I not click recall and let the game relay subs to base? Or, is this the norm if a sub fleet is destroyed? It will make a huge difference in where I attack with subs.

Read a few previous post, but the only comment with a solution mentioned waiting a few minutes and try some other steps afterwards that had me puzzled. Ha.

Anyway, can someone give me a quick crash course.

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