It's to the point where I don't even care if I get based anymore

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    Way way back when base level was also your fleet level i use to love counterattacking people who hit my base while i was offline. I'd take their res then spend it on research before they could attack me back :tongue:

    While i think fleets getting their own level makes sense, its a shame now to only ever get hit by people so high above you that you litterally can't attack back even if you wanted to... it basically closed off one of the primary ways i use to play this game.

    Your feeling of not even caring when you're hit is what i went through a long while back with that^

    I suspect the current state (where fleets are stronger than bases) is their attempt to encourage people to base hit.
    They are encouraging agressors rather than turtlers because in the current set up agressors are the ones playing and stirring up sector conflicts(creating multiplayer gameplay), while turtlers are just camping in one spot farming(which is kinda borning and leaves people to not interact).

    I can understand it, but its a shame they don't have better in game systems to tap back into that revenge play i use to go for so much, I don't feel the current systems really provoke me like the old-old gating use to, it more just punishes you with little recourse.
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