Security Update & Illegitimate Content Rollback

CM Chris
CM Chris
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Greetings Commanders!

As you are likely aware, we’ve been making significant strides in our efforts against cheating in War Commander. To date we have been able to close vulnerabilities in Component Tech, Unit Unlocks, Missiles, and Gold. Today we have another update for you.

We have recently released a fix that closes off the ability to illegitimately obtain the Elite and Omega versions of units, something that a select few players were able to find a way to do despite lacking the parts to upgrade these units as intended.

In addition to removing the ability to cheat, we are currently running a script that removes all Elite or Omega levels from any user who we can see has never owned enough parts to legitimately upgrade these units to those level bands in the first place. This script should complete its pass by the end of the day.

We are very excited to have rolled out this fix. It’s another step forward for improving the overall health, security, and fairness of War Commander. We are committed to providing a level playing field for all.

Thanks, and good luck out there :)

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