War Commander Update Notes - Wednesday 09/20/17

CM Sulaco 2
CM Sulaco 2
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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Wednesday 9/20 update.

General Changes & Fixes

  • Update - Shadow Ops Campaign #13: Lightning Strike
    • Level 20, 45, and 70 bases have been updated.
      • New Components added to Shadow Ops Arms Caches.
  • Update - Highway Zealot Raids
    • New Gold Base layout added to Raiding Base List
      • There are 3 Gold Bases in total that will rotate when a Raid has been initiated.
        • 2 Gold Base in total will spawn on the Raid Map.
    • 3 New Diamond Tech Available (6 total!)
      • Hammer Diamond Tech
      • Hades Diamond Tech
      • Vindicator Diamond Tech
  • Update - Chaplain Bonus Token Base
    • These Bases can ONLY be attacked with Chaplain Units.
    • These Bases will ONLY be on the World Map for the following Dates:
      • September 22, 29
      • October 6, 13
    • On each Victory, you are guaranteed to earn Training Tokens that have not already been won from this base this week. Once all Training Tokens have been earned, the base awards 10,000,000 Thorium. The following Tokens are available from this base:
      • 3x Acolyte Training Tokens*
      • 3x Purifier Training Tokens*
      • 3x Seeker Training Tokens*
      • 3x Valiant Training Tokens*
      • 3x Vindicator Training Tokens*
      • 10,000,000 Thorium (Fallback only)
  • Update - Thorium Bases updated to re-include the Archer and Militia AI Unit.
    • All units in the base will appear correctly.
  • Improvement - Difficulty reduction for the Shadow Ops Boss Base.
  • Improvement - Corpus Units can now be deployed into the Shadow Ops Boss Base.
  • Improvement - War Dog and Cyclops Tech gain an additional 2 levels and increased stats.

Security Improvements
  • Removed the ability to cheat units to Elite and Omega status without earning Parts
    • Corrective action for cheating will be taken at a later date.
  • Removed the ability to add multiple heroes to your base defense
  • Removed the ability to change Missile flight times
    • Accidentally reported as fixed but was still in progress. A correction has been made and now this fix is live.

Bug Fixes
  • Fix - War Trophies will display correct information indicating if the Trophy has been stashed or placed within the base.
  • Fix - Legendary Laser Tank tech, Focusing Lens level 6, now correctly targets air units.
  • Fix - The Nightmare Archer, AI Unit, correctly displays its visual image.
  • Fix - The Divide War Trophy can now be correctly selected without the use of the Base Editor Tool.
  • Fix - Mines no longer spawn last stand defenders when destroyed.
  • Fix - New Players can properly upgrade Buildings with Resources.
  • Fix - Metal and Oil looted will be properly rewarded if there is enough space to earn the newly gained resources
    • Some players experienced an issue preventing them from gaining Resources when there was space available in the Storage Buildings.

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