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im stuck at 99% and cant get on
  • Happy Hour IV
    Happy Hour IV
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    have you cleared your cache n cookies if yes log out and log back in 

  • kixeyeuser_977611961_32010_8597911
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    have you cleared your cache n cookies if yes log out and log back in 

    i cleared cache cookies & temp files. 
    re install flash.
    restore windows.
    updated all things still not loading.
    havn't spent 50$ so cant send ticket...
  • Gina_EsA
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    I am stuck at 99%, chace cleared, loged in and out, chrome , tried several other browsers, Several days now 10/1/18
  • Amol Fadnis
    Amol Fadnis
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    I have this issue since last two weeks and i have tried the below:
    I have tried the below:
    - Clearing Flash cache online and locally
    - Increasing flash storage from 100 KB to unlimited for Chrome. 
    - Clearing cache for all browsers.
    - Reset all 3 browsers and kept the addins disabled.
    - Uninstalled flash, reboot, reinstall.
    - Flash is already updated to the latest version
    - Flush dns. 
    - Tried different open dns ( and my office DNS too. 
    - I have tried VPN Extensions to see if connections going from a different route helps.

    AFter this, logged a case with support. They told me that the game works on their end, sent a screenshot and closed the case.
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