Best weapon for Portal?

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Right now I have Hyenas on my portal at the entrance to my base canal  Is there a better weapon choice for portals?  I'm planning on upgrading (you know, over the course of a goldarned MONTH) to get the special slot and tossing on a range booster for missiles, but if there's a better weapon choice I might point myself elsewhere.

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    Just ask yourself this question:"What ships are hitting my base the most, and what is their weakness"? Then you will know the answer to your original question, ok? So yes, if you are getting hit by ships that are weak against missile damage, Hyena is good.
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    It also depends on the location of your portals as to whether you want to risk using a high damage/high range weapon knowing that when they get close it will stop working....

    I don't think there is a "perfect" choice, but you can fit 2x T6 weapons on a portal at level 1, you may not be able to do the same once upgraded due to the extra power consumption if you want to add a suitable special; and/or if you have added the Rampart
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    It depends on where it is and if there is a portal behind or in front of it. No weapon is the best weapon as it comes down to your base and what you are being hit by. as a general rule though try to keep the first portal with shorter range turrets with around 105 range and a second 1 with longer range that can support your first portal. 
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