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Hi all.

COS is an alliance of about 30 members (currently scattered over a few sectors). We have had varying degrees of active players thru the years and as of late a few "retired" or life gets in the way.  While we understand the Real Life in the way, all we actually ask on that is open communication---not gonna get pts/contribute for a week or two, cool just let us know (dont be those week in/week out on but no pts ppl).   We got players who love to hit bases, others prefer the kix chores (FM/TLC/Gathering the Titanium or Uranium from targets), some just salvage the day away.  But, we also got some that are getting disheartened and hopefully new members can spark that interest again.  

As an alliance, help is given where it can be--however we feel you should also try to do it 1st as well, not just assume "i cant" or "someone will help".    

We really have only a couple things that matter to us:
1).  were all friends/become friends in the ali (or supposed to be), its the nature of being in an ali. 
2).  we only request 100 pts a week minimum (and thats loosely followed), however to raid we require it to participate in raid--more is better--and have booted ppl for not getting them yet doing raid.  (the feeling is if u cant be bothered to help your ali mates why are you here or why should we keep ya)
3). have fun.  we all know kix gets us down, they bombard us with chores, lag, glitches, etc.  but its just a game in the end.  Enjoy it or dont play.

That being said, were both looking for new blood and/or trying to decide if merging would be the best bet for the more active players.
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