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For the first time ever, invade the Highway Zealots' home Sector in this brand new Raid. Once the Raid is started, you and 2 friends have one hour to deal serious damage, loot Supplies and Diamond Tech, and potentially Legendary Training Tokens. Every completed Raid earns 1 piece of Diamond Tech for a random participant!

Diamond Tech goes into the Relic Slot on your Faction units and, unlike other Faction Tech, is Unlimited. This month, earn Diamond Tech for Liberators, Furies, and Purifiers. New Tech enters the Raid after each monthly Operation is over! Also earn Legendary Training Tokens (for those newly buffed Legendary Units) and Supplies to spend on newly rebalanced War Efforts. Instead of tiny bonus for a long time or gigantic bonuses for no time, War Efforts now last for 6 Hours across the board and always provide potent benefits!



  • This NEW Raid Replaces the old Raiding Content
    • New War Efforts, New Intel / Raid Bases, New Rewards!!!
  • Defeat Intel Bases on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (except during the Event) to gather Intel for your Alliance.
    • Intel Bases award 100 Intel
  • Leaders and Officers can spend Intel to initiate a Raid against Highway Zealots’ sector. Up to 3 Alliance members can participate in every Raid!
    • Down from 20 Alliance Members
  • Beating Raid Bases grants Raid progress, Legendary Training Tokens, and Supplies.
    • Maximum capacity for Supplies has been increased to 10,000.
  • Completing the Raid grants bonus Supplies and Diamond Tech. The faster you beat the Raid, the greater the bonus Supplies!
  • Use Supplies to activate War Efforts, temporary buffs that benefit every Alliance Member higher than a Recruit.
  • Crush your Enemies!


So... you can finally take the fight to Veng and his Highway Zealots! Be cautious Commander, Veng has this sector heavily patrolled and fortified. You'll only have a limited time, so make sure you coordinate strategically so we can deliver a major blow to Veng and his Highway Zealots!
  • Raid Requirements:
    • 500 Intel to initiate Road to Ruin raid
    • Up to 3 Alliance Members can join the raid
    • Raiding Platoons

  • Raid Restrictions:
    • Only Platoons formed in the “Raiding Parties” Platoon manager can be deployed into Raid Bases.
      • Standard Air Platoons can still be deployed into Raid Bases.
    • Missiles and Mercenaries cannot be used in Raid Bases.

  • How to Play:
    • You have 1 hour to destroy 9 Highway Zealot Bases. The faster your completion time, the greater the rewards.
      • Have the Alliance Leader or an Officer start a Raid by spending Intel in the Alliance Manager. Make sure there are other Members of your Alliance on to help!
        • You must be in the same sector as your Alliance Leader in order to join a Raid.
    • There are 2 Base Types - Silver and Gold
      • Silver Base Rewards - 50 Supplies
      • Gold Base Rewards - 250 Supplies and 2x Legendary Tokens



Diamond Tech

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  • Diamond Tech is the latest state of the art technology being researched. Diamond Tech has 4 levels and has an unlimited quantity, not requiring additional unlocks to equip units.
    • Slot: Relic
    • Description: Increases Damage dealt by 10% and Reduces Damage from All Sources by 10%.
  • The following Diamond Tech is the first to be available:
    • Liberator, Fury, Purifier
  • Starting after this month's event (The Divide), Diamond Tech from Raids will be updated to the following:
    • Hammer, Hades, Vindicator

Legendary Training Tokens

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  • Legendary Training Tokens allow you to promote Legendary Units past level 10, from level 11-20.
    • Legendary Megatank
    • Legendary Laser Tank
    • Legendary Hellfire

New War Efforts

  • Destroyer: Unit Damage Boost
    • Attack - Increases Unit Damage by 25% for Alliance members while active.
      • 6 Hour Buff - 1,000 Supplies
  • Guardian: Defensive Damage Boost
    • Defense - Increases Defensive Building Damage by 25% for Alliance members while active.
      • 6 Hour Buff - 1,000 Supplies
  • Pillager: Resource Gain Boost
    • Economy - Increases Resource Income (Metal and Oil) by 50% for Alliance members while active.
      • 6 Hour Buff - 1,000 Supplies

Good Luck!
CM Sulaco

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