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Greetings Captains,

The June event set up is very very similar to the previous events in the Cold War cycle. As such, we'll forgo any tips on the targets and instead, we'd like to share with you some Tips & Tricks for getting the most out of your Icebreaker and Monolith hulls.

These two Garrison specialists have very different playstyles and strategies. Learning the differences will help you pick the right hull and succeed at smashing the Draconian Research Bases!


3 General Garrison Tips:

Garrison is a skillful playstyle that emphasizes hitting an enemy base while watching out for enemy ships that sneak up from behind.


1) Watch your approach against turret nests

Your goal is to put the very edge of your targeting on the edge of the enemy turret. Your splash and spread will carry most of your shots into the rest of the nest and eliminate it with minimum risk!

  • For the Icebreaker, strafe along the side of a turret cluster, trusting your speed to minimize your risk.

  • For the Monolith, spacing is your key. You will need a tank to countermeasure the nest while your Monoliths sit at maximum remote-targeting range and carpet the nest with mortar fire.


2) Mortars are about range. Rockets are about time-on-target

You want to make sure your chosen weapon gets a chance to fight optimally.

  • For Mortars, find the right angle of attack on the target, and maintain the maximum distance -- trust your tank to take the fire while you pound from afar.

  • Rockets ask you to get in close. Don't stop, strafe along the edge of the target to minimize exposure.


3) In a Garrison target, Explosive damage is king.

Check your weapons for Explosive type damage, and check your defenses to ensure they help resist against Explosive. To a smaller degree, it’s good to defend against Penetrative damage as well.


6 Icebreaker Tips:

1) Weapons
Your best Icebreakers have Siege Rockets D100-S or D110-V. If you do not have these, Coaxial Firestorms will work, as will earlier model Siege Rockets. If your Icebreakers are unranked, use the S. If they have a good VXP rank, your faster reload will make the V much more powerful.

2) Armor
For your armor, any of these will work: D1-X/D5-X, or the new Charged Zynth Armor C1-X that defend against Explosive. D1-M or D5-M will also help.


3) Think Blitz
You want to move with a purpose, because the Icebreaker will take damage when it fights. Move fast and stack components that help with this: Speed System or Hydraulic Resistors.


4) Specials

High Yield Warheads, Viscosity Regulator, and Garrison Battery MK-X are also real winners with this hull and will improve your time-to-kill for your targets.


5) The Icebreaker will get hurt

That's part of being a rocket hull. Your job is to minimize its exposure, picking the right corners to strafe, and learning which enemies in your target you need to rush (to get inside their long-range "doughnut") and which enemies will shred you if you get too close!


6) Countermeasures

Good Garrison fleets focus on their CM ability. Gale Defense III fits nicely on a well-balanced Icebreaker hull.


5 Monolith Tips:


1) Weapons

Your best Monoliths have Combat Mortar O/U 10 or Siege Mortar D85-D. If you do not have these, literally any other mortar you can fit on this hull will do. This is a mortar hull!


2) Countermeasures

For your Countermeasures, Phalanx IVs work really well with the high-weight limit of the Monolith. If you are struggling with weight, you can focus on your Tank, which we'll talk about below.


3) Tank + Monolith are like a flock of sheep.

Your Monolith are the sheep; your Tank is the shepherd.
You want your Tank (either a Gridiron's Monolith or a Zelos are recommended) to walk in front and take all the fire. You want your Monoliths to keep the tank at the edge of their Remote Targeting range (Monolith's yellow circle touches Tank's white circle). Your shepherd Tank will countermeasure the enemy's fire. Keep your Monoliths back... but watch for enemy ships sneaking up behind you!


4) Specials

Garrison Battery MK-X, Speed System, and High Yield Warheads are all excellent specials to put on the Monolith. No need to focus on armor, unless you feel you struggle with using your tank for protection.


5) Special Abilities

Monoliths have a unique "speed up" mechanic, but low turn speed. This is an excellent way to pass by slow-firing weapon platforms (or the infamous "gauntlet" on some targets). Using this correctly is key.

  • Aim your fleet in the direction they want to go, and gun it. The speed up kicks in until you turn or stop, at which time your Monolith will slow way down.

  • Learning to stop on a dime (select the ships with up arrow, then hit the down arrow on your keyboard) will save your fleet!


2 Tips for Monolith Tanks:


1) Gridiron's Monolith.
This hull has an orange circle behind it which buffs any Monoliths that are within it. Your job is to keep the Gridiron's Monolith just ahead (but not too far), and load it up with countermeasures.

  • Your Monoliths will put down the hurt. Your Gridiron's will keep them alive.

  • Good Countermeasures to pair with this hull include the Phalanx IV, Hailstorm D, and the Squall or Cyclone Launcher to assist the Monoliths.


2) Zelos

The Zelos is a great tank here too, in a more traditional tanking role.

  • Keep it as far forward as you can (yellow circle overlap slightly the white circle of the Zelos), and load it up with CMs and a Squall/Cyclone.



We hope these tips are helpful and useful to you. This advice should continue to be relevant for future Garrison targets.

Good luck, Captains!

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