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Oil Oil Oil

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This is the only thing be asked for over and over again

Why won't you listen to us.> WHY WHY WHY WHY

SO many have quit because of the oil situation. And for some reason you still feel you need to make oil more scarce

What do you expect players to do without oil.. Wait around, re decorate there base, watch replays  ??

Why do people play a video game.. Pretty simple.. They want to play the game not be forced to sit on the sidelines for hours upon hours

Whatever you need to do to change this game you need to embrace the grinder. The player who plays to advance.. Whenever you slow that down you are just encouraging exodus, you're encouraging players to search for other gamers to fill the time. If these players start liking this new game where do you think there money is going to go

Nobody I have talked to can figure out your game plan here with oil . I can't think of any reasons for you to limit this game the way that you do.. If you have your reasons try honesty so we can understand and maybe see it that way, but your continuing nerfing of oil is pathetic and sad

And if you think your going ot encourage a gimmick like strike packs when you have made a game that appeals to the hardcore gamer you lose. We don't want your strike packs we want a solid game that requires strategy. Strike packs are for players who have no skill....

Maybe its the no skill player you are making money off of. .if thats the case then just swing the pendulum 180 degrees and coddle them but no oil BS is just that BFS
Oil I need oil.. Oil to play Oil to justify playing Oil just oil
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