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Potential Threat
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edited 25 May 2017, 2:46PM
Edit: Given my circumstances I would like to have my KIX-account permanently deleted. This includes all my BP/WC/VEGA/KIX-date.
  • KrisK
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    Don't mean to bring any inconvenience, but Kixeye accounts cannot be deleted.
  • I-Have-Quit
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    In this electronic world, ANYTHING can be added, removed or modified - period. It's just a matter of getting the person with the right authority and permissions to make those changes. If Kix accounts aren't removed, then it's due to a POLICY they have previously established, but I know enough about this stuff to know that anything CAN be done! Still want my account to be removed too, but so far - no joy.
  • kixeyeuser_25818216_4419_819175
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    5044378- this is id number  please delete this acc as well
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