FM Target Transition Roadmap Official Discussion.

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    I am not impressed.  I like the 112's and 115's.  They are very challenging to me.  Quit messing the game up.  You give is something that is fun and challenging and you take it back away?  Why?  Because too many people can navigate them with minimal damage?  I understand changing the other targets, but leave those two alone.
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    we are still working on our garison fleets not even close to done, and now they added 3 prizes to last fm thats 4 more build days i lost so even further behind and still cant make t-5 so have no tokens from there.  you have to remember delvilsreject or in  this case azzhole.that we dont have all the fleets and the weapons to do everything. 30 days to build 1 ship so we are still working on monos for next raid, so get off your high all might horse and shut the **** your the idiot if you think there was enough time for a complete garrison fleet...

    Don't resort to name-calling, it does nothing for your argument. Neither does exaggerating claims, not even a Grid Mono will take thirty days to build. If you're working on Monos then good, you'll have a fleet ready for the FM change.

    There has definitely been enough time to build a Garrison fleet, I've had my Zelos/Emp fleet finished since halfway through the last raid, and even then it isn't my only Garrison fleet, I've still got my old Novas sitting around that will more than likely be able to do the targets once they change. If you don't have the current Garrison fleet you're currently building finished, then that doesn't mean you don't have a Garrison fleet.

    The problem is that they're changing it so abruptly and very unlike all the others, not the fact that it's changing.
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    Seems like a slow and easy transition, along with the fact, If you have not built a fleet for this raid yet, what have you been doing???? Although change is never "fun," How fun would the game really be if it was always just the same...... 

    To be fair, I just FINALLY hit Tier 5, twice, on my own this past week... So please know I am not exactly happy about the change, but it is what it is.... We either forge ahead, or quit the game.... Myself, I will forge ahead, you, you should decide if you want to play or cry.
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    OK in background to the following - this month's raid conflicted with a major annual event on another game I play (a 10-day PvP event too, so it was very tough to keep going but the prizes were extremely worth it), thus I barely played this month's raid ... log in, hit an A set, put in for slow repair, log out, etc. ... I still managed around 72 million points and got the essentials but not all that I wanted or needed, which my more usual 200 - 300 million points would have got me.  However the 72 million I did get were coin free.  I also noticed that a lot of people were either not participating or barely participating in this month's raid, and that a lot of people stated they were repairing slow time for zero coins.

    Sooooo ....


    Introducing this year's siege series targets early to FM is to make us focus on those and forget what we faced in this month's raid and how to hit them as we become accustomed to the FM versions.  This will cause a crippling need for high repair coining during the first 24 hours of next month's raid, due to trying to hit the targets in the same way as the similarly numbered FM targets.




    Kixeye have recognised that we were not playing this month's raid to the maximum and that fewer people than expected were participating.  Therefore they are giving us practice targets early (via the FM and without live-server preview weekends) to practice the targets ready for the hull store of this raid series next month.  Their hope would be this will familiarise players with target strategies and coupled with the hull store make more people participate in the event ... hopefully leading to improved revenues compared to this month.




    Based on statements made by GD Raiken on a TFC livestream earlier this year, we should be coming to the end of the tier-6 PvP hull avalanche in June, with a major slow down in content releases in the 2nd half of the year.  It may well be that Kixeye are clearing the June-July inter-raid schedule in order to release needed tech for the next raid series via TLCs instead of the hull store in June.  (They did that between the December 2016 and January 2017 raids, and between this year's March and April raids too).

    We also have to remember that Kixeye staff will want their summer vacations while their kids are off school in July and August, therefore they will be keen to ensure the FM transition is as smooth and early as possible to ensure they can focus on a trouble free switch to the Assault series raids in July, before / while they go on holiday.

    We are seeing new twists in the BP plotline with Legion co-operating with Dracs, etc.  It is possible that new plot changes will surface that require some twists to TLCs and raids during the Assault and Skirmish cycles, therefore closing out the end of the Tier 6 ships releases is needed sooner rather than later.  We may even see base OP level 10 during this next quarter year, and I am sure there will be ramping up of player Mega ship related content (why else give the Gantry free in the recent Foundry update ... which has still not tempted me to build the thing).

    For sure there will be a scheduling / game longevity reason for this early drop of the FM targets switchover.  We just have to figure out what it is.  Personally I don't believe it is to piss off the players.  I am expecting something fairly major (to the BP system) to be coming down the pipe within the next 2-3 months.



    Disclaimer:  I am not a Kixeye fanboi - I give them more than a fair degree of crap over their decisions and coding, but I am intrigued rather than worried by this early FM changeover.

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    This was unexpected ,but it is targets from this raid cycle so you will be kinda familier with them. You cant blame mods or CM's it came from devs. i understand how frustrating it is but everyone can pull thru it.

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    The sky is falling!

    not yet XD
  • mdblood
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    Hahahahaha well suck me sideways after ive refitted my 2 tank/spotters to handle the 112's and current "A" sets and possibly "S" targets , I have to refit back to handle the lower level targets for 2 weeks then refit back after that to handle the "new" Fm targets....geeeeeeezzzzusssss mary for the love of pete when will it end????....complete crap on kixeye especially the day before the change.....effin hysterical that they could screw up a wet dream....complete Bush League 

    I use my Zelo tank for all the targets it is my tech i can post a build if you'd like

  • mdblood
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    Joined Aug 2015 Posts: 263 have said you will do one thing and then again you have proven that your word is as good as (blank).  The audacity to not follow what you have said speaks volumes as to how poorly your company is run.  A once great game that thrived in the first 3 years has now become, who can coin the most to stay current.  I was able to keep pace with the game for a long period of time, but now, only the uber elite are able to, myself, I am falling behind at a rate where I am not sure that continuing to play is worthwhile.  I still play this game because of the wonderful people I have met playing this game as they are the true reason this game still exists, not Kixeye's ideology.  Maybe these wonderful posts about there stupidity will come to fruition, one can only hope.

    agreed love the game but kix needs to get off there high horse and think of other people to.
    still a great game tho
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    Early, yes. a surprise, not really. Will I have the ships, probably, will have to wait and see how much they have changed the targets. Ho hum, more tasks we have to learn, to waste our time on
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    redplayer said:

    what was the point on bringing out the 112 if your going to remove it a few weeks later. think you hadnt expected players to be able to do them for no coin so you got rid so we have to take dmg doing the fm

    The 112s already got escalated from insta-rep damage to at least 30 min damage to crazy-**** 4hr damage in their latest iteration. Going by this, God knows what the new elite targets will be like. Very few people were able to do the S targets last raid, and if this is going to be the new 102s/109s, FM will turn from a manageable chore into a nauseating bore.

    Lol I just a 112 for 12 mins damage after reading this b.s...  Learn how to build a fleet...  And FFS learn how to drive in a 112...

    If you are going to just troll you need to lift your game... many other players can do these for instant repair
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  • Marce Livellara
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    Nice Move Kix, nice way to get players to quit the game. interesting how desperate moves make players to loose interest in the game, making new fleet of ships every month is way too much to expect, good luck on the new changes. lets see how many players are around when the dust settles.
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    Transparency. ....what a novel concept.....

    Its just mind boggling you take over a month to transition the mining targets past target, then change the FM early.

    The one thing in game you shouldn't mess with ever is the FM. it's what keeps players in the game. This is going to backfire on you big time IF the targets are overly difficult. No one wants to coin FM.

    Good luck finding any players that want to provide any feedback going forward. That trust is shattered

    Excellent post mad,sums up my feelings perfectly.
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    i'm sorry but i finally get too T5 and now it looks like i just got reset again i am kinda bit disappointed here now cause i feel like i wasted my time here i have too agree this was bit of of surprise cause even someone else said you took a month too change mines but you take under that time too change FM targets how does this seem correct mines take less too convert cause its all the scourge targets from the event pretty much but how does this take less time that is where i am getting some what confused glad i started building IB's now cause i would be in one heck of pickle if i didn't but i will admit at least we got road map for it tho so that is really only plus side here. (edit yeah i already knew this was gonna happen just not this quickly)
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    So the next logical step would be to have a rerun of the TLC to give us a chance to get the monolith and monolith build tokens again,hell make one for the icebreakers too,but even more than that the charged armors are what is needed and i don't think we will see those in a TLC any time soon or why not kix is crazy enough to do what they want.
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    Wow... im speachless
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    Not cool, it is too soon - the cycle isn't even over yet. Not cool, it goes against what kix told us - just one more thing the chicken littles can point to when dribbling on about all that is unholy about the game. 

    I will say though, I feel like this cycle is different than the others - in the sense that my fleets are nearly fully complete. And with these fleets the FM has become a joke. I have 4 IB - specialized, partially armored, partially weaponized - and I can do 8 109s in about 15-20 minutes for about 3.5h damage. With that in mind, I am not surprised that they have radically accelerated the aforementioned timetable. 
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    Not cool, it is too soon - the cycle isn't even over yet. Not cool, it goes against what kix told us - just one more thing the chicken littles can point to when dribbling on about all that is unholy about the game. 

    I will say though, I feel like this cycle is different than the others - in the sense that my fleets are nearly fully complete. And with these fleets the FM has become a joke. I have 4 IB - specialized, partially armored, partially weaponized - and I can do 8 109s in about 15-20 minutes for about 3.5h damage. With that in mind, I am not surprised that they have radically accelerated the aforementioned timetable. 

    We could do old drac mine basicly for no dmg for 2 months straight and they didnt accelerate it did they ?

    Hence, im calling BS on this as well. Ya it easy, but so is every new flt hittin old targets. They should still respect the schedule for those who are behind.
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