is backyard monsters even support anymore?

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I noticed a game I liked playing some time ago, backyard monsters, was back on the game list so I logged back in, had to start over for some reason since my yard design was missing, oddly enough I still had all my researched monsters and the resource amounts I last had when I played, but my yard was basically back to square one.
The game plays buggy, for one, it keeps forgetting how many workers are busy at once and the damned battle screams freeze the game, you know those damned annoying popups that appear wanting you to post on your facebook page about winning the battle?
For one, the battle never took place, every time I hit the button to start the battle it skips to the little taunting screen that it gives if you won the battle and then to the one requiring you to post a notice on your page, the problem is that it won't let me exit out of it, even if I do post it, it won't let me get back to building up my yard to what it was, it just keeps rotating out those two screens, and no amount of restarting the game will get it to go away.
Should i just cut my losses and delete it from my lists?
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