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Cool down timer for pvp

Joined May 2017 Posts: 1

I noticed that in pvp, u can be hit more then 5-6 times in an hour .
There needs to be a feature in place ,that allows a player the ability to remain off pvp matching ,if there base has recently been destroyed (70%+ destruction).

My suggestion is , during pvp battles if destroyed (70%+) ,to add a timer so that a base cannot be hit repeatedly . This is a feature that is common in many other war games I play . In those games , they give between 10-16 hours of protection , with 4 hour penaltys if you chose to attack while ur timer is active .
I'm not saying that we need 10-16 hours of protection.
Whatever time frame is decided upon is up to KIXEYE in the end , but I strongly suggest that they take this suggestion seriously. It would help many frustrated players across all levels .

I also think it's fair , because u can still get attacked and lose a lot of loot .
Yet the player being attacked can sleep or work easy , knowing they can't be hit 15+ times in 2-3 hour time frame . It's also balance , because a player can receive a time penalty, if they attack in pvp while on a timer . Eventually putting himself back on the pvp market , on way or another .

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