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Sluggish UI, sloooow loading times

Joined Apr 2017 Posts: 1
I've started playing this about a week ago... I'm liking the game, up to level 15 now.  Yeah, I run into the oil starvation problem quick... but the biggest annoyance is the loading times and the sluggish UI.  I'm running it on a nexus 6P, on wifi, and every button push is a 3 second wait. going through pvp battles to find someone to attack, every next fight is about a 5-7 second wait.  

Is there anything that can be done to speed this thing up?  Any way to turn down graphics quality to gain some speed? 

Also, looking at the amount of data used by this game, it seems a bit insane. in the past 6 days it used 25mb of data.  Boobbeach - the closest game to this I play, and I play that a lot more - used 52mb since january 13th.  Is the data/network/bandwidth the main culprit for the slowness in this game?  
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