Battle Pirates Story - The Superweapon Conflict

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This story takes place just before and during the events of the upcoming Cold War event. ^^

Mega Ships. The most powerful floating weapons of war mankind has developed. With the first appearance of these giant ships, the warring factions of the world have been working nonstop to develop their own Mega Ships to tip the scales of power in their favor. First with the Draconians. Then with the Legion. And now with the Forsaken. However, the Draconians are building a new breed of Mega Ship. A breed which they have aptly named "Superweapons." Weapons born to conquer all that dared to stand against them. They have made significant progress with their research with complete secrecy, to the point where only the Admiral and the Elite Commanders know of the project. None of the other factions have any idea that this new breed of weapon will be unleashed on them as well. Soon, the Legion will be the first victims of the Superweapons.

Chapter 1: Surprise Attack

June 9th, 2089
Draconian High Command, Wyndraea, Quarter 1
Twelve hours before the events of the Cold War

The Admiral stands in front of a window, looking outward in the sky, thinking about the events in the war that have yet to occur. Soon, the communications panel on his desk beeps and lights up, and he goes to accept the transmission. It was from High Officer Melatech of the Survey Division. He presses a button and a hologram of Melatech appears on the desk.

"What news do you have for me, Melatech?" the Admiral asked upon opening the channel.

"Master Wyvern. The Legion have sustained some losses, and they are pulling out of the outpost," Melatech informed. "Additionally, the commander known as Gridiron has been critically injured."

"And what of the access codes?" the Admiral inquired.

"Unfortunately, they were able to extract a portion of the code needed to crack our databanks. The map codes among them," Melatech added.

"As I expected," the Admiral replied calmly. "They seem to be hell-bent on finding the continent. Thankfully, they have no idea of the Superweapon project."

"Sir?" Melatech inquired. "I don't believe I follow your words."

"Patience, Melatech. The time to unveil them is near," the Admiral assures Melatech. "Have Vassago's 'negotiations' begun yet?"

"In twelve hours, High Admiral," Melatech informed.

"Good. Right on schedule," the Admiral replied. "Now, Melatech, you are to continue operations on Project Nine, while Vassago 'negotiates' a cease-fire with the Legion," he ordered.

"And what will you do, Admiral?" Melatech questioned.

"I will deal a decisive blow to the Legion, the likes of which they have never felt before," he replied. "The attack on the Legion Mission Command, the center of all their operations in the world."

"A daring plan, Sir," Melatech commented. "Very well. I shall continue my operations on Project Nine, High Admiral. Draconis Aeterna, Evangel." Melatech concluded with a salute.

"Draconis Aeterna, Melatech." Wyvern responded in kind, as the transmission ended. He made his way to the shipyards to his newest Mega Ship, the first of the four currently-existing Superweapons that have been built by the Draconians. He had a plan, and enough time to do it.

Thirteen hours later, somewhere in Sector 56...

Zoe was with her tech division attempting to crack the codes they had swiped from the Draconian outpost. She knew this was a race against time, as they do not have long before the cease-fire negotiations took place. Even more worrying was the fact that her second in command, Axi Gridiron, was rendered out of commission after her encounter with Melatech. She looks on as the techs continue trying to crack the codes, but she didn't have to wait much longer as they have finally succeeded in doing so, giving them coordinates and details of the rumored continent.

"We've done it, ma'am!" One of the techs exclaimed.

"About **** time," Zoe replied. She can rest easy knowing Gridiron's sacrifice was not all in vain should she have perished. "Now, when we're ready, we'll be able to let everyone in the Legion council know of our findings." Zoe took her leave to check on her lieutenant, wondering if she survived her injuries. She walks in surprised to see Axi has regained her consciousness, sitting on the bed and moving her hands around to make sure they're working properly. "Guess nap time's over, huh?" she commented.

"I guess so, ma'am," Axi replied. She chuckled at Zoe's attempt at humor.

"So how are you feeling?" Zoe inquired.

"Hurting like a ****," Axi replied. "but I'll manage."

"Good enough. It's time to talk to the Council, let them know of our findings," Zoe concluded.

"Hell yeah, ma'am," Axi agreed, and they both proceeded to the bridge, with Zoe helping Gridiron get there.

"We're ready to make the call, ma'am," the communications officer reported.

"All right, get to it." Zoe ordered. The comms officer nodded and attempted to open a transmission to the Legion Mission Command. However, they were soon surprised by an unsuccessful attempt at the transmission. " What the hell?"

"That's weird... They should be responding by now..." Axi commented the strange turn of events. The comms officer tried again, only to meet the same result.

"Did our comms dish get shot at or something?" Zoe questioned, growing impatient at the unsuccessful attempt.

"No ma'am. Everything checks out as normal," the comms officer replied. She soon notices a fast-blinking red light indicating a priority one transmission. "Hold on... There's an urgent transmission on the emergency channel!"

"Open it, now!" Zoe ordered, her patience run its course by now. The transmission came from one of her captains, known only by the codename "Jericho." The comms officer complied and opened the transmission

"To any and all Legion captains, this is Captain Jericho!" the message starts off as panicked, with some static, but not enough to interfere with the transmission. "Do not attempt to contact Mission Command! The Legion Mission Command has been destroyed! Repeat, the Legion Mission Command, has been destroyed!"

"What!?" Zoe lost her cool when the news broke out about the Mission Command's destruction. The message continues.

"A huge enemy vessel leading a fleet of Draconian ships was spotted engaging the Defense Fleet, and nothing could even make a dent in it! This must be the work of a new Draconian Mega Ship! The Diplomat is in danger! We have been set up!" Zoe slammed her fist into the command chair in anger at the worst possible scenario, which their Mission Command, and almost all of the high-ranking Legion captains, have been wiped out in a fatal strike. She quickly regained her composure and sat in the command chair as they were about to undertake their new mission: to rescue the diplomat in charge of the negotiations.

"Set a course to Sector 62, full speed!" Zoe ordered. The helm does so and the fleet goes on their way.

"This is going to be one hell of a cold war..." Gridiron commented, referring to the upcoming conflict.

To be continued...
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    Chapter 2: False Diplomacy

    June 10, 2089
    Sector 62, Neutral Territory, the meeting area for the staged negotiations between the Draconians and the Legion
    One hour after the start of the Espionage

    Vassago was continuing his "negotiations" with the Legion as the discussion went on. It was set in neutral territory, but few had any idea what was really going on.

    "I think it's time for a recess," the neutral captain, known as Christian, decided after listening to their discussions for the hour.

    "Yes, a break does sound good," the Legion diplomat agreed. Vassago nodded, having no objections either.

    "Very well. We'll reconvene in thirty minutes." Christian concluded, and the audience dispersed so they can talk about the current events.

    A few minutes later, Vassago was in his room with four stealth operatives, using the communications terminal. Thankfully, the transmission was heavily encrypted to prevent disclosure to potential hostiles.

    "Vassago. How have the discussions been going?" The Admiral inquired upon the opening of the transmission.

    "I would say favorable, High Admiral, but the council doesn't believe we will be in a cease-fire with the Legion," Vassago reported.

    "They won't. And their doubts will prove them right if, and when, they are made aware of the events at the Legion Headquarters, " the Admiral agreed. "How much time do you have?" he inquired afterward.

    "Not long, Sir," Vassago responded. "The diplomat will be heavily defended. However, I might have an idea..."

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the Outpost, the Legion diplomat and some of his guards were discussing the meeting.

    "I don't trust them. Not one bit," one guard voiced her opinion.

    "Hell, me neither. What's the point of these discussions?" another guard agreed.

    "It might get the Dracs off our back for a while," a third guard voiced his opinion.

    "I know what everyone's thinking," the diplomat calmed down the other guards. "but diplomacy hasn't failed yet. Besides, if the Dracs violate the treaty in any form, we will take action."

    "You sure have a positive way of thinking, sir," the fourth guard spoke. "Sure wish we had some of your charisma."

    "We'll continue the talks in a few minutes, and then we'll be able to see where that gets us," the diplomat concluded.

    Soon, the representatives from the two warring factions meet again in the gathering hall, with 800 other captains that were monitoring the proceedings, all of them neutral. Christian takes the central podium and reviews the terms that have been proposed so far.

    "So, up until now, we've seen proposals from both the Legion and the Draconians." Christian looked at the papers to confirm. "On the Draconian side, they are willing to call a truce with the Legion for one hundred million each resource. Doesn't sound too bad. Additionally, in exchange, the Draconians will provide technology and support to the Legion for the duration of the cease fire." He looked at the Legion's terms for the negotiation. "For the Legion side, they want the Dracs to provide them resources in weekly payments in exchange for the cease fire. So first, what say you, Draconians?" he asked Vassago to see his thoughts.

    "The resource payments sound agreeable, but they will start two weeks after the treaty takes effect. Aside from that, I see no qualms with the Legion's terms," Vassago agreed.

    "And from the Legion?" Christian asked the Legion diplomat for his opinion.

    "Since the Legion are struggling in this world, we could use every advantage we can get, especially one that takes one of the factions off our back for a while," the diplomat spoke. "So yes, the terms are within acceptable parameters."

    "Then it seems we have come to an agreement. The Legion and the Draconians and the Legion have agreed to a cease-fire for the duration of six months." Christian laid the papers down to get them ready for signing. "Now if both parties would, they shall sign the paper for the treaty." The representatives from the two factions got up and signed the treaty, and they both shook hands afterward, making the crowd applaud the successful negotiations. However, at the doorway, there stood a man who was not so satisfied with the proceedings, and he lifted his rifle and took aim at the diplomat.

    "Take this, you traitor bastards!" He yelled before firing a few rounds at the diplomat and Vassago. However, the guards in the center were there to protect the representatives, but the gunshots were enough to cause panic among the crowd. The assailant took a few shots at the guards and put them down.

    "This way!" Christian helped the diplomat and Vassago escape among the crowd as the assailant was busy dealing with the guards. Vassago looked at the wrist-bound terminal to see the ETA of the inbound vessel to evacuate him and his operatives. Soon, an explosion shook the Outpost, leading Vassago there was someone else here. "Great, it's gotta be those brigands again..."

    One of the guards looked outside the window. Sure enough, there was a Retribution and a Malice working for the attacking captain. "Looks like it, sir. It's RYNO." Shortly, an explosive shell impacted the wall nearby, blowing a hole in front of their route.

    "Through here! Those Vendettas will make short work of this place!" Vassago quickly suggested, and they get out of the Outpost through the hole in the wall. Thankfully, the docks were nearby, so they could board a vessel and escape quickly. "We can use the docks to get out of here!" The others agreed, and they make their way to the docks where a prototype hovercraft was waiting for them at the dock.

    "Everyone in!" Christian ordered, and the diplomat and Vassago, with three of the guards, enter the hovercraft and they start it up. Christian boards the hovercraft as well and they make their way past the three Vendettas sitting outside the outer ring, lobbing shells into the docks with their Judgment Mortars. "Hard to believe we've made it..." He says, letting out a sigh of relief as they make it out of the fleet's attack range.

    "Sir! Unknown contact, heading this way! It's fast!" One of the guards spoke as he took a look at the radar. There was a large blot of static on the radar heading towards the center, their current position. It was as if the unknown contact was generating some sort of interference to mask it from electronic detection. One of the other guards exits the hovercraft through a hatch above them and looks at the direction of the incoming contact.

    "Visual contact confirmed. White hull, twin smokestacks...? What kind of ship is this...?" The guard questioned, not believing such a ship could exist.

    "Could that be the first of the Superweapons the Admiral mentioned...?" Vassago thought to himself.

    "Whatever it is, it's not showing weapons status red." The guard on the radar commented. The others took a sigh of relief. The speaker soon crackled to life.

    "Attention hovercraft, prepare to come aboard." A male voice came through. The crew cheered as they were getting rescued.

    Within moments, the hovercraft was right next to the unidentified ship. It was a huge white ship that looked like a much larger, yet traditional-styled battleship. The crew looked around their immediate area and see the ship is well-armed with guns, torpedoes, and rockets. The superstructure looked like nothing they have seen before, with two spires being separated by the unconventional smokestacks. Some of the sailors looked at them as their curiosity peaked. In a few minutes, they were greeted by the captain of the ship with her communications officer and executive officer,, and the group immediately recognized the person as a female Draconian Vice Admiral. The cape and gold ranks on her shoulder matching her officer's uniform, which looked similar to that from a long time ago.

    "Salutations." She offered a salute. Her accent seemed to be Russian. The group returned her salute, and the Vice Admiral immediately recognized Vassago and addressed him appropriately. "Hail, Vassago."

    "I don't believe we have met, Vice Admiral..." Vassago crossed his arms, unsure he can trust the captain of the ship.

    "That is Vice Admiral Natasha." A male voice came from behind. The Vice Admiral stepped aside and the group saw the Draconian High Admiral approaching them. "Greetings, Vassago."

    "High Admiral..." Vassago saluted Wyvern as he greeted him and the rest of the group. "These men are--"

    "--The group from the negotiations." Wyvern finished Vassago's sentence. "Formalities will have to wait. If that Forsaken fleet catches us, there's not much we can do from over here." He led them inside, and they made it to the bridge within minutes. The group took seats as the Vice Admiral took her captain's chair, while the operators of essential systems are already getting ready for her orders. Everyone else's seats were within slipways beside the path through the center of the bridge, its spacious design allowed for such to be accommodated. "Vice Admiral, care to do the honors?" Wyvern asked, bracing himself for what is to come.

    "Yes, Sir." Natasha replied, patching into the intercom and issued an announcement. "Attention all crew, please secure yourselves for high speed. The Wirbelwind will now enter top speed away from the area. Repeat, secure yourselves for high speed." She turned off the intercom, then turned to her helmsman. "Helm, get us back to base at full speed."

    "Yes, Ma'am." The helmsman replied, and set the engines to full power, and the group in the slipways were shocked at the sudden change in speed, and almost all of them couldn't believe the speed in which they were travelling. A ship this size, travelling faster than any other ship out there. Vassago turned back toward Wyvern, and he simply nodded. "Full speed achieved. We are now travelling at 88 knots of combat speed." The helmsman reported.

    "So what kind of ship is this, anyway?" The diplomat, sitting behind Wyvern, asked. He was curious as to what kind of technology could make a ship go this fast.

    "This is the Wirbelwind, the Super High-Speed Cruiser." Wyvern replied. He didn't disclose more than that, and the group remained in their seats for the trip.

    To be continued...
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    Data acquired on Superweapon Wirbelwind:

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    Chapter 3: Hunting For Answers

    Ten minutes after the attack on the base hosting the negotiations...

    "Ma'am, we're on station." Her helmsman called out as she looked. The scene before them unfolded as the base was virtually in ruins after the attack.

    "**** it! We were too late!" Zoe commented, as she thinks the negotiations have failed. "Are there any survivors from this attack?" She asked. She needed to know what transpired here.

    "Thankfully, most bases come with underwater shelters in case of attack. If there are any survivors, they'll be down there." The communications officer responded.

    "All right, get us in that base and drop anchor. We're gonna have a chat with the locals." Zoe ordered. The helmsman nodded and drove the Hard Counter into position near the docks and dropped anchor. Within minutes, Zoe, Gridiron, and a handful of Legion troopers scoured the landscape and spotted the locals rebuilding the Outpost, with the foreman giving various orders to complete the repairs. "Excuse me, sir. Are you the one currently in charge here?" She inquired.

    "Eh?" He turned around and saw Zoe with her entourage. "No ma'am, I'm just a foreman. If ya want the capn', he ain't in this base." He returned to assisting the repairs.

    "Then where is he?" Zoe asked.

    "He left the base with the committee while we were under attack. I don't know where they are now, ma'am." The foreman reported.

    "At least we know the diplomat's alive..." Axi commented.

    "That's not good enough, Gridiron. We need to find out where he is now." Zoe tries to think, then ordered her troops to ask the locals for any information. "Spread out. Ask the people what they know."

    Meanwhile, on board the Wirbelwind...

    Vassago walked to the bridge to speak with the High Admiral about the mission, believing something went amiss.

    "High Admiral. If I may..." Vassago began, wondering what the Admiral would think.

    "What is it, Vassago?" Wyvern asked, wondering what was on Vassago's mind.

    "About the mission... It did not go exactly as planned." Vassago reported. Wyvern turned around and listens to what Vassago has to say. "While I ordered the operatives to pose as Forsaken guards, I didn't order them to call for an attack fleet on the base."

    "While a Forsaken attack on their own base is not unheard-of, it does sound unusual when put into that perspective." Wyvern started thinking, agreeing with Vassago. "Could it have been a random strike?"

    "Doubtful. The Forsaken should have heard only rumors, but I think the attacking captain has been tipped off." Vassago commented.

    "So you are saying one of your men must be a double agent..." Wyvern concluded. Vassago nods in agreement. "We'll investigate this, but for now, no one outside this room is to be made aware of our discussion. Understood?" Wyvern ordered. He was certain the spy must be aware of them as well.

    "Yes, Sir." Vassago saluted and left the bridge, then Wyvern turned back around, facing forward of the ship.

    "Are you certain the Forsaken has a spy within our ranks?" Vice Admiral Natasha inquired. She wondered if Vassago's claims are accurate.

    "If what Vassago says is true, we could be expecting a Forsaken interdiction fleet with a Hyperion in their midst." Wyvern answered. "However, it will prove a suitable test for our new fleet of Superweapons."

    "Let us hope they are as strong as the Science Division claims..." Natasha commented. The Wirbelwind continued on its way to a Draconian Base large enough to carry ships of this size.

    Back to the Island...

    "They went where!?" Zoe howled as she found out what happened to the negotiation parties.

    "The locals said they were rescued by an unidentified ship. A huge one, but insanely fast." One of the troopers reported. "Additionally, the locals said a Forsaken fleet was responsible for this level of damage."

    "Does that mean they can be anywhere by now?" Gridiron asked. She folded her arms at the grim news.

    "Seems like it, ma'am." Another trooper replied. "And with a ship like that, there's no way we can keep up with them."

    "****. Then there's nothing we can do for them now..." Zoe growled. She clenched her fists at her inability to rescue the diplomat.

    "On the upside, the Draconians need the diplomat alive in order for the treaty to take effect, right?" Another trooper asked, optimistic about the safety of the diplomat.

    "That's what we're hoping, at least." Gridiron answered. "But if he isn't, we'll be sure they'll pay dearly."

    "We already will, Axi. Everyone, let's go. We're done here." Zoe ordered, and they return to the Hard Counter and get ready to leave.

    Forsaken Headquarters, unknown location

    "...And that is the report from our operative, Captain." A Forsaken officer reported to Captain Harlock. He rendered a salute upon concluding his report.

    "So, the Draconians have a new Mega Hull at the disposal, one that can move faster than the winds." Harlock chuckled, and prepared a plan to intercept the Wirbelwind. "Send a Hyperion force to bring that ship down to its knees."

    "As you command, sir." The officer saluted and left the office.

    "That Admiral really thinks he can turn the tides on us with these toys." Harlock thought to himself. "He'll be dealt with soon enough, and we'll dominate the oceans as we should. Then no one will question our dominance." Harlock chuckled as he looked at the strategy map, as a Hyperion and its task force moves to intercept the Wirbelwind.

    "Let the games begin."

    To be continued...
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    Chapter 4: Fighting a Whirlwind

    Open seas, Sector 68
    June 10, 2089

    The Wirbelwind maintained its course for its outpost in Sector 72. For the time being, it was safe from attack from Legion ships as it was too far out of range of any of their fleets. However, the crew remained on alert, as they know since the start of the war that an attack can come from anywhere. At the bridge of the Superweapon, the Vice Admiral was sitting steadily on her chair, observing her vigilant officers as they maintain their stations, on the watch for anything out of the ordinary. The High Admiral, with Vassago and two other captains, were monitoring the strategic map of their immediate area on a holoprojector. They were discussing how to handle the situation now that the Legion diplomat and three of his guards are in their custody. Natasha checks in with her radar officer for updates.

    "Any contacts so far?" She inquired.

    "Nothing new to report, Vice Admiral." The radar officer responded.

    "Very well. Continue to monitor the radar." She ordered.

    "Yes, ma'am." The officer nodded and continued to watch the radar.

    In the meantime, further ahead of their path was a Forsaken Hyperion escorted by four fleets of Conqueror-type ships, all belonging to a mercenary alliance. They array themselves for battle against the oncoming Superweapon. Within several minutes, the force comes on the Wirbelwind's radar, and the crew has been placed on alert.

    "Vice Admiral, Mega Ship force directly ahead!" The radar officer reported. He checked the strength of the attacking fleet in addition to the components of the opposing Mega Ship. "The enemy force has three Prides, eight Vendettas with a Zoe variant, an additional four Retributions with a Zoe variant, and five Revenges with a Harlock variant among the force."

    "What are their weapons capabilities?" The Vice Admiral inquired.

    "On the fleet itself, mainly Radioactive and Explosive, and the Concussive weapons on the Revenges. The Hyperion alone is carrying a heavy mix of Congreve and Exocet weapons, with two Drone Modules for reinforcements." The radar officer concluded his report.

    "What do you think, High Admiral? Can we engage the enemy?" Natasha asked, remaining calm for the situation.

    "Affirmative. You are cleared to engage the enemy at maximum speed and range." Wyvern acknowledged, and gave his permission to engage the hostile force in their way.

    "Very well. All hands to combat stations! We'll engage the enemy at maximum speed and range!" Natasha ordered. The crew replied with a "Yes Ma'am!" and got ready for battle. The Wirbelwind turned hard to starboard and its guns trained on the incoming fleet, ready to fire when given the order.

    "The enemy fleet is in range, Vice Admiral. Just say when." The gunnery officer reported, to which Natasha nodded, giving the order to fire at will. Within seconds, the Wirbelwind opened fire with her twelve heavy guns. Their range at least matched if not exceeded a Hyperion's own Culverin Cannons. The shells made their way to their targets, and most of them landed direct hits, causing heavy damage to five ships total, two Retributions and three Vendettas. The Hyperion returned fire, but because most of its weapons are not direct-fire weapons, they all miss the Wirbelwind. The Superweapon continued firing and sank two Vendettas and one Retribution with its second salvo. The other shells either splashed or damaged two more Vendettas. As the battle continued, more and more ships were getting sunk by the Wirbelwind's continued fire. Within minutes, it was down to the Hyperion and the Wirbelwind. The Hyperion launched its drones in an effort to reinforce its defenses against the incoming shells. Soon, the Wirbelwind opens fire on the Mega Ship and does damage against its various modules. The skirmish continued for ten minutes, with all of Wirbelwind's shots getting direct hits on the Hyperion, and exposing its bridge. It was simply a matter of time before the Hyperion ends up being a giant hulk of metal. With one more salvo, the Wirbelwind was able to obliterate the bridge of the Hyperion, causing explosions to trigger all over the ship. The crew cheered at their first victory over an opposing Mega Ship. The Vice Admiral congratulated her crew, and ordered them to resume their course to the outpost.

    "Well done, Vice Admiral." Wyvern congratulated Natasha on her superb performance with the Wirbelwind. "You've successfully engaged and destroyed a Mega Ship and its escorts."

    "Thank you, High Admiral." Natasha replied, appreciating the compliment. "Helm, take us back to the base with all due haste." She ordered, not wanting to take a chance for another Mega Ship to arrive.

    "Will do, ma'am." He replied. The Wirbelwind continued travelling at full speed toward its destination now that its battle was over.

    The High Admiral, in the meantime, was thinking about the future of these Superweapons. They already have four built, including the one they have actively deployed and are currently on board. Still, there was a question that bothered him: If the Superweapon technology got to the other factions, it will be impossible to stop a conflict where the only ships fighting would be the Superweapons themselves. He hoped his suspicion would be unfounded, for there's still a Forsaken operative among the crew. There's also the possibility of the Legion being fully aware of these massive machines of war, since the diplomat and his guards are also among the crew. He decides to walk toward the room where the diplomat is currently staying in and gently knocks on the door. The guards, thinking it to be an ambush, point their rifles toward the door. As it opens, the three Legion guards were keeping their position steady, rifles still aimed at the High Admiral. He remained calm, as if this has happened before.

    "You're not fazed one bit by this?" The diplomat questioned. Normally, an officer would panic at three rifles facing him, but Wyvern was no ordinary officer.

    "As the highest ranking officer in the entire Draconian Navy, I must not allow the fear of death to overtake my mission." Wyvern replied, and the guards stood down on the diplomat's orders. "True, I still feel the fear, but I have learned to conquer that fear."

    "I see..." The diplomat acknowledged. "But I must ask why you are here, High Admiral."

    "Only to see if the accommodations are to your liking." He answered.

    "Like we would answer to you!" A guard replied.

    "That's enough, Rachel." The diplomat ordered. "He's currently not our enemy."

    "...Sorry, sir..." Rachel apologized. Though she still held contempt for the Admiral.

    "I must apologize for my guards, Admiral. They are still... on edge, if I must say." The diplomat spoke for the guards.

    "It's not their fault. It's only natural they would remain hostile, since we're still enemies." Wyvern spoke. "However the fact remains, let us enjoy the momentary peace we have." He started to brew some tea. The guards were curious, not only as to why he's making tea, but also his calm nature despite the situation. "Care for some tea?"

    "Thank you, sir." The diplomat answered, accepting the cup of newly-brewed tea. "Earl Grey?" He inquired as to the type of tea, to which the Admiral nodded. The two sat and drank tea, and talked about various topics, including what might have happened if humanity chose a different path than the one they are currently on. During their lengthy chat, the Wirbelwind was able to make it to the port. The two get ready to leave the ship as it resupplies.

    "Looks like we're here." Wyvern gets up and stretches. Despite being a cyborg, he still keeps active throughout most of the day.

    "Before we leave, Admiral, there is one more question I should ask..." The diplomat spoke, unsure what his response would be. The Admiral turned around, eager to hear his question. "This ship... You mentioned it was a weapon unlike any other; a Superweapon. Do you really think such weapons can change the world?" The Admiral was a little surprised by such a bold question. Of course, it was not one he can't answer, as he smiled at the diplomat.

    "An excellent question." He started. "As long as recorded history, mankind has often believed there are weapons which can change the world: The sword in the beginning, the gun in the Renaissance, the tank in World War One, and the atom bomb in World War Two." The guards and the diplomat look at each other, puzzled, but they let him continue. "However, as much as many in the Empire would love to believe, no weapon can truly change the world. Just how a war is fought." He recalled the many instances man's decisions have changed the world, including those from fiction. "If there's any person who can change the world, it won't be the warmongers, it won't be royalty, and it certainly won't be the politicians. It will be people like yourself who still believes humanity can make a difference and steer them on the right course."

    "I... will need some time to think about all of this..." The diplomat replied after the Admiral's lengthy talk.

    "I won't ask you to make your decision immediately. Take your time to think about it. When the time comes, you will know what to do." The Admiral shared his words of wisdom before leaving the diplomat with his guards. The guards and the diplomat looked at each other and left the ship with the Admiral to enter the port. It was a well-defended stronghold with plenty of missile, explosive, and cannon firepower to deter a large-scale offensive. While not in the league of Siegfried or Wyndraea, the Draconian capitol, the outpost's defenses are equivalent to one of the nodes on one of their uranium bases. While the diplomat and his guards looked around the port, and at the Wirbelwind, the Admiral joined with his other officers. He looked one more time at the diplomat as he was talking with his guards.

    "Sir," Vassago chimed in. "Was it wise to tell him about the Superweapon program?"

    "Probably not." Wyvern replied. "But then it wouldn't be entirely fair if we were the only ones with these super-powerful ships."

    "There's still the spy to consider..." Vassago warned the Admiral. However, he remained calm after the explanation.

    "I've already found her out." Wyvern replied, leaving Vassago surprised. "That guard. She is the Forsaken operative."

    As the three Draconian officers watch the diplomat and his guards engage in conversation, they see one of the female guards, Rachel, press a button on a remote-like transmitter, and it quietly sends a signal to whatever Forsaken transmission is receiving, letting them know their operative has discovered a hidden base where the Superweapon is.

    "Vice Admiral. Bring the base to full combat alert." Wyvern ordered, as he knows a battle is about to start. "We're going to have a lot of company inbound."

    To be continued...
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    Chapter 5: Best Served Cold

    Draconian Arctic Superweapon Base
    Draconian Frozen Territories
    June 10, 2089, three hours after the start of Espionage; during the battle at Sector 72

    Within the frozen reaches of the Arctic, everything was mostly quiet in the Draconians' secret Arctic Superweapon base where one of their Superweapons rested. Its size alone made it look like a base in most respects, with the exception of its two key differences: The first and foremost being its deck, as it was designed more like an aircraft carrier, and a huge one at that. The other being the ice floes around the hull of the Superweapon. Not only does it act as natural protection from weapons, but it also regenerates and repairs the hull over time.

    This Superweapon was known as the Iceberg Carrier Habakkuk.

    At the bridge of this imposing Superweapon, the crew were doing routine inspections to make sure the Habakkuk is operating at peak performance.

    "Let's go over this one more time." The inspection officer ordered. "Radar and guidance systems." The crew checked the radar, and it displayed all the blips around a huge radius of 5 miles for the short-range radar, and the long-range radar being 25 miles.

    "Radar's online and actively scanning." The radar officer replied. "Sonar's all good, too." The inspection officer checked out radar and guidance on his datapad.

    "Next, engines." He ordered. The helm operator helped give the order for the engine room to activate the standard engines of the Habakkuk. The crew operating the engines acknowledge the order and activate the engines. Within a few moments, the engines roared to life and the inspection officer checks it off. Because the Habakkuk was practically designed to operate in freezing temperatures, the crew had to wear special gear to protect them from sub-zero climates. The engines had to be redesigned as well so they can operate in such conditions without jamming or freezing. "Weapons are next." The inspection officer called as the weapons officer instructed the gunners to operate the turrets and countermeasures on the ship. Soon the five huge turrets, with three in front of and two behind the bridge, rotated and took aim at various spots. The countermeasures also aimed at various points in the sky.

    "Main guns and AA guns all check out. 50.8cm shells loaded and ready to fire." The weapons officer called out, and the inspection officer checked it off.

    "Damage control." The inspection officer called out, and one of the officers used a terminal to contact each of the damage control teams to confirm their status, with all five checking in. The inspection officer checked it off and went to the next topic. "Communications." The comms officer nodded and started testing the communications system on the Superweapon.

    "Testing, testing. Command dock, receive test, over." The comms officer spoke while testing the communication systems.

    "Test received, Habakkuk. Loud and clear." The command dock replied. The inspection officer checked it off and moved on.

    "Aircraft command capability." The inspection officer called as that was the second to last thing on the list. The crew got ready to get their aircraft up and running, many of the planes being drones, but almost as many being human-driven carrier-borne aircraft. Of course, that was the Habakkuk's intended purpose: To act as a floating air base with the firepower of a Dreadnought. Within a few minutes, several squadrons of aircraft were already up in the air, and the pilots have a clear link to the air traffic control at the bridge. The inspection officer checks it off and goes to the last item on the list: the Habakkuk's special engine, the Absolute Zero. "Finally, the Absolute Zero Engine." The crew gets ready to test their prototype engine, and the base gets ready for the incoming fog and snowstorm that the Absolute Zero Engine has been known to cause, which is natural for an engine designed for an iceberg carrier Superweapon. The engine roars to life and the Habakkuk starts generating the snowstorm within seven miles of itself, cloaking the base in the process. Of course, the Habakkuk already generates interference to keep it and anything around it hidden from long-range radar, but with the snowstorm in place as well, the Habakkuk can't be seen without proper vision enhancements. The inspection officer checks off the Absolute Zero Engine as he sees it's performing its intended purpose. "Okay, that should be it for inspections. The Habakkuk is ready for action."

    Somewhere out at sea, near the Arctic base, was a patrolling Forsaken fleet who had picked up the Superweapon's noise from radar, as well as caught sight of the snowstorm as their crew looked at the window. Taking the lead of the battle group was a Monarch assault/support ship with four Bomber UAVs and three of both types of countermeasures. Trailing alongside it are four Apollos, two Tideseekers, five Cannoneers with a Harlock variant, and two Aegis support ships to give the fleet defensive strength. The fleet shifts its course towards the Arctic base and the Superweapon it's housing.

    Back on the Habakkuk, as the crew were finishing inspections, one of the crew notices something on the radar and quickly alerts the other officers to the incoming fleet. The captains see this and acknowledge the threat of the Forsaken battle group.

    "It seems like they took notice of our trials..." one of the officers spoke, probably crediting the Absolute Zero Engine for their detection.

    "Any idea what we can do?" Another officer asked.

    "There is one thing we can do." One voice from behind the others spoke, and the officers turn around and see it was Greta Spader, who entered the bridge while the officers were talking and walks to the screen. "If the Forsaken are still this far out, we can strike at them from the air."

    "Pardon my bluntness, ma'am, but..." one officer spoke, as he didn't want to say something stupid. "The manned aircraft we launched weren't armed when we tested the aircraft control capabilities." Thankfully, Greta had a simple fix for this.

    "Recall them and arm the UAVs." Greta ordered. "We can get them in the air fast enough to bring the Forsaken fleet down."

    The other officers agreed and replied with a "Yes ma'am!" and quickly got to work to direct air crews to arm the Bomber and Airstrike UAVs to send them to attack the Forsaken fleet. Within a few minutes, the UAVs were ready to launch and they were sent up to the flight deck to be launched. In the meantime, the crews worked to receive the incoming fighter jets that were coming in for a landing. Their design was that of one from the old world, a carrier-based aircraft known as the Su-33 Flanker D, a fast and agile relative of the famous line of fighter jets. Within several minutes, the UAVs were ready for takeoff and quickly launch from the flight deck of the Habakkuk to engage the Forsaken fleet.

    "We're almost to the target, boys. Get ready to blow that base out of the water." The captain of the Forsaken fleet signaled to his ships. He was confident his fleet had enough firepower to take out the base and its defenses. "Ready all guns and prepare to--"

    "Sir! Inbound on the radar! Multiple contacts, all airborne!" The radar officer had to interrupt the Forsaken captain to warn him of the incoming attack.

    "Planes? Hah! The Dracs are too scared to fight us ship-to-ship, so they send their little birds after us!" The captain mocked. However, the flagship of the Forsaken fleet receives a transmission from the Draconians in the region, and from none other than Greta Spader.

    "There would be no need for that." Greta spoke after speaking on the radio. "We only need one ship and its air wing to sink you."

    "You're bluffing!" The captain quickly retorted, though an explosion rocked the ship and alarms started going off as the crews attempt to get a grasp of the situation.

    The situation quickly turned around on the Forsaken fleet as the UAVs attacked the ships down below, dropping their explosive payloads at their targets. The weapons on the Forsaken ships fire back, but because of the dense fog, they have little to no chance of hitting the drones. The officers desperately tried to get things under control as the damage keeps ramping up on the fleet.

    "Breach on the starboard belt! We're taking on water!"

    "Radar's out! We can't see the enemy anymore, captain!"

    "The Buccaneer's taken a direct hit! She's going down!"

    "The fog's too thick, sir! We can't shoot them down!" Various voices from the officers were flooding the room as they look back to the captain of the Forsaken fleet, who looks horrified as the mayhem unfolds before him. "Your orders, captain!?"

    "What have you done, Draconian!?" The captain angrily questioned Spader.

    "You made the mistake of being under-equipped for anti-air engagement, and that is why you lost, captain." Greta answered. "Now, accept your fate." The transmission closes as the Habakkuk starts taking aim at the Forsaken ships with its fifteen high-powered 50.8cm guns. As soon as it got its targets, the guns of the Habakkuk roared to life as huge shells were lobbed at immense distances toward their targets. With the Forsaken ships weakened from the airstrikes, the shells were able to punch through their defenses and cause huge explosions in each of the ships, and within minutes, the whole Forsaken fleet slipped into the icy waters. A fitting grave for a careless enemy.

    "We've won, ma'am. The Forsaken fleet is no more." The radar officer reported. The crew congratulated the successful first trial of the Superweapon.

    "And the crew? Have the UAVs found any survivors?" Greta asked.

    "The UAVs are doing a sweep, and so far, there are no survivors."

    "Very well." Greta acknowledged. "The Forsaken won't have any idea of our newest Mega Ships, thanks to this engagement." She walked to the large holotable and looked at the strategy map as it displayed all allied and enemy positions, and that of the Draconian Superweapons. Wirbelwind is currently in Sector 72 engaging the enemy, the Habakkuk is at their current position, a third Superweapon is in the open seas training its crew, and two Superweapons are at the Draconian capital of Wyndraea. "We already have five of these monsters in play, and more are under construction. With the Admiral's blessing, we are permitted to continue research on them as part of Project Nine."

    "If I may, ma'am..." One of the officers spoke, to which Greta nodded to permit his question. "How did he come across the designs for these giant weapons, anyway?"

    "I believe only the Admiral knows that. For now, prepare the Habakkuk for departure as soon as our UAVs have finished their patrol." Greta ordered after answering, heading to her captain's chair as the crew gets ready for departure.

    "Yes, ma'am." The officer acknowledged and got back to his terminal. Greta started to think about the Superweapons and their place in the future.

    "What will become of these monstrous weapons when their technology has reached their peak? Will they be exalted as the heralds of the Empire? Or will we cast them out of the known world?"

    To be continued...
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