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Rogue Assault 2.12.2 Release Notes

CM Scarlett
CM Scarlett
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The team continues to review feedback from the Rogue Assault subreddit and will continue tuning as necessary. Today’s update includes changes to the Reaper and Flak turrets to improve balance. Here are the details:

  • Reaper clip size decreased from 2 rockets to 1

  • Flak Turret splash radius increased to increase hit chance against all air units

  • Flak Turret level 4 and 5 DPS increased.

  • Changed Redeployment Token max to 2,500

  • Fixed an issue that caused some Heavy Vehicle Strongholds to drop infantry components

  • Fixed an issue where redeploy tokens were not available in certain Air Outpost gold crates.

  • Adjusted Outpost balance. Some Outposts were too easy for their level and have been improved.

  • Fixed an issue where gold crates were being shown on the scout screen
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