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A Positive feedback from latest patch

Minor Nuisance
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Yes I know all the stuff posted, but there is still some really good stuff in this patch.  A couple of days in I realise I just need to PvP, loads of PvP, the pay out is awesome. I won't play on the map, pay out for outposts and strongholds terrible.  I will carry on as part of an alliance to fight for territory, when I can, depending on time zones etc as before, the rest of the time no problem, stick to my PvP.

I can't target a particular crit anymore, but the drop rate for PvP is huge so I will get there, eventually. Admittedly I will feel pretty sore that others gained the crits before me without this random grind, but I figure I can do it as a random grind, in a random way, and probably get there in less total of attacks, eventually.

I was just starting to do attacks with all Helicopters before the update, yes it is easy now, but it was easy then too, not noticed a huge difference.

Thinking of the newbies, I still feel bad.   I am lvl 36, mid level I think. I would hate to start new now, said this so many times.

Mostly I am enjoying the game more now than before the update, I am not using more oil/paying more than before update. I am playing in a totally different way though, I don't play on the map at all. Outposts and Strongholds have no place in my play at all, stuff redeployment tokens. If I need them in future for events, more fool me. No way I will do that grind at the moment. 

So I am playing the game PvP only, it worries me for the future of the game, but for now, great.

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