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Player Levels seem a bit off - Lvl 37 should be Lvl 40

Joined May 2016 Posts: 5
I am Level 37 & if I upgrade 1 tiny thing in base, I will be Level 38.  I'm looking at another Level 37 that attacked me & his base is way more powerful than mine.  I'll still level him, but...  I looked at all his stuff compared to mine & he's more upgraded across the board, yet he's still Level 37.  How?

Comparisons:  His Command Center is Level 6, mine's Level 5 (8,700 XP to upgrade)
His Metal Storage is 1 Level 7 & 3 Level 6, mine's 2 Level 5 & 2 Level 6  (1,100 XP X2 for Level 6, & 2,300 XP more X4 for Level 7)
His Metal Factory is 4 at Level 4, mine are 3 at Level 4
His Oil Pump is 4 at Level 5, mine's 4 at Level 4  (1,600 XP to upgrade all mine)
His Helipad is Level 3, mine's Level 2  (8,900 XP for Level 3)
His Global Operations is Level 3, mine's Level 2 (2,760 XP to match his level)
He has 7 Defense Platforms, I have 6
     He has 5 Level 6 Machine Guns, I have 3 at Level 5
     He has 2 Level 4 Flak, I have 2 Level 3 Flak  (I also have a Level 2 Salvo)

My Barriers are 1 level higher than 7 of his barriers & the same as 1 of his, but he has 8 Barriers, I have 7
My Mines are higher levels than his (We're talking 680 XP each)
My Defense Platforms are 1 level higher than 5 of his.  The other 2 of his are the same level as mine, but again, he has 7 total, I have 6
My Barracks are Level 5, his is Level 4

Everything not mentioned is the same

I can see how my Barracks might be a big XP for the upgrade over his, but his CC would be a lot more XP for the upgrade than my Barracks
I can also see how my Defense Platforms would be a big XP to upgrade, but he still has more than me
When I upgraded my Mines & Barriers, the XP wasn't very much at all.

Is there someone or a page that could explain this?
  • oldbutnotpassedit
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Jul 2011 Posts: 240
    Previous updates have changed how much XP is awarded and what it is awarded for, if someone started earlier than you they could upgrade troops without adding XP for example, now it does. I am also CC5, yesterday my husband upgraded his CC5 to 6 and gained 4600 XP, I didn't have the metal to do it, today I log on and find it will now give me 8600 XP.

    This is why you see such variance in base power to level, annoying to say the least. 
  • Nano_HUDMAN
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    So much for their re-balancing act...  I also see players with 3 transformers clustered together.  I cannot put mine even remotely close to each other!

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