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Rogue Assault Release 02/02

CM Scarlett
CM Scarlett
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Today’s update includes a new PvP-focused Zone Area in La Mancha that does not include the ability to deploy a FOB and changes to FOB base layouts intended to improve Warzone gameplay and ensure FOBs perform closer to their intended roles. Here are the details:

  • Add central Zone Area to La Mancha without FOB deployment capabilities

  • War Zone Infamy multiplier increased to 4x for the remainder of the Alliance War

  • Lowered difficulty on Infantry, Armor, and Chopper FOB levels 1 + 2 to make them less effective at blocking Zone areas

  • Lowered difficulty of Artillery FOBs

  • Balance tweaks to Airfield 1 and Bunker 6

  • Increase Raptor HP Values

  • Reduce Hind, MI-28 HP values

  • Reduce AA turret range and refire rate to previous values

This update also marks a new Android app version (2.11.8). In addition to general performance and bug fixes, this version includes a change that will allow players to move from an Insertion Point through alliance-controlled hexes.

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