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As the title states. Don't buy gold. Once they have your money they could care less what happens to you.

I spent $10 after a few days into the game to use solely for oil repairs and I had my fun with it and ran out. No issues. Start alliance war. I spent another $10 yesterday to do the same thing I initially did, use it solely to repair my units. I attacked quite a lot in war zone and went from 1,200 to 839. No issues yet.

I decide before I log off for the night to upgrade my barracks defenders. The upgrade cost 225,000 Metal and 2,500 Thorium. I had 257,**** Metal and 20,000 Thorium. I had enough resources. I click upgrade. The upgrade goes through but all my resources are still there. It used 550 gold instead! I went from 839 to 289 for something that only took me 30 minutes worth of grinding in PvP.

I submit a ticket. They close the ticket, it says "solved" in bold italics and they have removed the ability to comment. They stole my gold and are silencing me! I won't be silenced. This is garbage customer service.

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    I had the same thing happen to me. It was actually to upgrade the defender size on the helo pad. Had another person in my alliance have the same thing happen to him defender upgrade on helo pad. Now your saying defender upgrade on barracks. I got my gold back. Other guy got his back. Both within a day. You might want to open the ticket and actually read their response and reply to it. They initially tried to tell me it was a problem on my end. After explaining the situation they realized their error asked me for more information to help debug the problem and refunded my gold.

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    I did the same , upgraded barracks capacity and lost 500 gold, i submitted a ticked and they refunded me with 500 gold, but after that i upgraded hellipad capacity and same thing lost my 500 gold, still waiting for refund :/

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    They eventually refunded me after submitting a different ticket. It happened to two of my alliance mates as well. Both got refunded. It just happened to me again this morning trying to upgrade my heli-pad defenders. It only seems to do it when upgrading defenders. I've submitted another ticket. Hopefully now that it seems to be a reoccurring bug my refund won't be an issue this go around.

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    pak kenapa gold saya enga masuk

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