gold bought and taken some how

I had like around 100 in gold to do repairs as I goan also I decided to get the offer that had the hamer item I bought ten more too do the purches after the purches all my gold was taken excepty like 7 I dont understand how that can happen but I have bought5 thangs before and loss the upgraded verson its just this is to complacated to get what I pay for and Im ready to start talken to paypal an make a complaint you charge ghigh prices to play and I been getting taken advantage by this I dont know why its like this but iys getting worse an thats really not exceptable , I like the game but I cant be taken advantage of me at the rates you charge this really should be way better maby Im venting alittle but you really put me in a jam trying to play but maby I may need to back off I cant affored to not trust spending an ending up with 0 was a rude awakening for me really dissa pointed and embearest at the same time to realize how the money gos in and it just not a pertty picture 
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