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Having vehicle in defense

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I noticed other players have trucks and tanks as a part of their home defense. There HQ, war factory, power plant, and barracks are the same size as mine. Yet the game will not let me select anything other than riflemen as home defenders. What am I missing?

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    The defenders that deploy during defense are specific to the building they deploy from. Infantry defenders are the only unit type that can deploy from your barracks. Light and Heavy Vehicle Defenders are the only type that can deploy from your War Factory. Helicopters are the only type that can deploy from your Helipad. You must unlock these defense platoons in each of those buildings individually.

    If this is not working as stated please file a support ticket with screenshots.
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    Click War Factory/Barracks/Helipad and choose defenders, you will be able to add/delete defenders in that building. you can click upgrade to hold more defenders.

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