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WC:RA Wiki!

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...I think it's finally time to ask for help.

The wiki was created on January 5, 2016, during the closed beta (I think). Few days after the worldwide release, I started to work on it after I got interested in the game. However, I'm the only one of the 2 editors (Yes, 2 editors ONLY, for now) who was making a lot of work, with me being the most. The fact that having 2 lvl +10 editors isn't gonna make the wiki a reliable source of gameplay info. We need help from you guys.

You'll do the whole community's favor by adding stuff that is missing, like stats, strategies or NPC base layouts, just as long as it's good. And maybe other stuff too.

Note that this is not like the WC Wiki BehindTheEight was working on, like the format and stuff. No need to register for now unless a vandal wave from unregistered users is a huge problem.

Before you start helping, consider the Guidelines & Rules first for it to go smoothly.

...Oh, and if any of you guys are experienced in helping a wiki, we'd appreciate your help very nicely.

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