Battle Pirates Flowchart - Setting & Achieving Goals

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Hey everyone,

I noticed that some players were having a difficult time determining how to best proceed in Battle Pirates. I completely understand that learning the game deeply and meaningfully is a large endeavor. This is especially true for new or returning players who have older tech and are trying to get into the core of the game. Some of this seems to stem from not knowing where to start and what’s the best path in order to achieve their goals.

While there are many outlets that cover this information in specific detail, I found that there was a lack of information regarding the broader view of the game that players could learn from in order to help them get into the swing of the game. As a result, I made the following flowchart to try to help players not only set goals, but provide a clear path to achieving them. 

Please keep in mind that this flowchart will look a little daunting at first. I strongly recommend going slowly through it in sections to avoid feeling overwhelmed. It’s much easier to follow along when only focusing on one section at a time. I also recommend starting from the top of the chart where the word “Start” is located.

I have attached a .zip file as well as the .png image for people to download in order to be able to zoom in and have better look at the chart itself.

Each major aspect of the game is color coded within the chart. If you see a specific color, then you know what aspect of the game you are looking at:

Orange = Forsaken Mission
Green-Blue = Raid
Purple = Attacking Other Players
Red = Mega Ships
Blue = Improve My Base
Yellow = Make My Current Tech Stronger

The symbol simply shows where the major elements are so that you can follow along from a basic starting point.

Please realize that this is not the only way to navigate through the game. There are many guides out there that cover these areas of the game in greater detail and may provide alternative helpful advice. However, I do believe that this chart will be a good general starting point for those who find themselves struggling or needing some guidance. Again, I am not claiming that this is “the way” but should hopeful prove to be useful for the community.

Good Luck, Captains! :)


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