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King of the Nexus

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King of the Nexus is a mini event that runs at certain, specific times. Participants can claim special Nexuses for their alliance and earn gold for defending them.

From 9am on November 4th to November 7th at 10am, a Gold Nexus will appear in each world. At 10am they will activate and you can secure it with Mega ship owners in your alliance. Defend and control the Gold Nexus to earn gold over time. If you control the Gold Nexus at the time it expires, an expiration bonus will be awarded to all Alliance members! The final payout has a bonus of Metal Alloy for players who own a Mega Ship.

A pill in the HUD will display on the upper lefthand corner of your game screen. Mousing your cursor over this pill will show the end time of the event when Gold Nexuses will expire. Clicking this pill will open a special Locator that shows when special Nexuses will payout, in addition to Alliance-owned Nexuses, Enemy Alliance-owned Nexuses, and unclaimed Nexuses.

By clicking on a Nexus, a modal will appear showing the payout for this Nexus.

An engaged Nexus will payout gold over time to all members of the Alliance that owns that Nexus. You do not need to own a Mega Ship or have a Mega Ship attached to the Nexus to earn this regular payout. Defeating engaged Nexuses will cause the payouts to stop.

There are two kinds of prizes from this feature: a regular “Drip” payout and an “Expiration” payout. The Drip will payout gold over time to the Alliance that owns the Nexus. Nexuses will vary, paying out every 1, 2, 4, 6, or 12 hours. There is a cap to how many gold payouts you can earn, so be sure to keep on top of claiming what you’ve earned. YOU MUST CLAIM ANY PAYOUTS THROUGH THE LOCATOR PILL OR GOING TO THE NEXUS ITSELF. If you’re at your limit when a payout occurs, it will not register and you’ll miss out.

You can claim payouts by selecting the pill and clicking any bar you see highlighted in yellow (indicating your treasure is waiting). This can be done inside your base or the world map. Example of the yellow highlight below (Please ignore the "Event Ends" text. This was placeholder text during testing and not an indicator of when the actual event ends). 

You can also click the arrow to take you the Gold Nexus. There are claim buttons in both the context menu and the Nexus Info modal.

Each world will only have one Gold Nexus appear, randomly.

Node A:    2 gold - drips every 1 hours (therefore, first drip happens at 11am)  

Node B:    4 gold - drips every 2 hours (therefore, first drip happens at 12pm)  

Node C:    7 gold - drips every 4 hours (therefore, first drip happens at 2pm)   

Node D :  10 gold - drips every 6 hours (therefore, first drip happens at 4pm)  

Node E:  18 gold - drips every 12 hours (therefore, first drip happens at 10pm)  

Once the event ends, each Nexus will payout an expiration bonus of 10 Metal Alloy to the Alliance that owns it. This payout will only be granted to players in the Alliance that own Mega Ships. This payout must be claimed within the limit or the payout will be lost.

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