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We need another counter for tanks

Cyanide Sandwich
Cyanide Sandwich
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So far, we dont really have any units that counter tanks very well. The only thing in the game to counter them are helis, which when atacking a base, the helipad is the first to go. I feel like this game needs a tank that is specifically good at killing other tanks/vehicles. If i remember correctly from WC, which some of the units have a basis on, Paladins were intended to kill infantry, and the next up was Challengers which were intended to kill other tanks. We need a ground unit that isnt as weak, HP wise as the mortar men, and is strictly for killing tanks and light vehicles, like a challenger in WC. I feel like that's one thing that is severely lacking from this game, as once the helipad is gone, there is very little a player can do to defend their base, as launcher tanks are pretty OP, especially when they are first gotten.
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    Thanks for your feedback, Cyanide Sandwich! I'll share this with the team.

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    Tank Hunters should be introduced in this game because now **** tanks have redeye and anti air machine gun upgrades as well... I think the cap for heavy vehicle should be decreased by 50 and no redye missile... Instead it should be given to light vehicle to reprise their role as anti helicopter... The overhauling of heavy vehicle has made it an all heavy vehicle showdown at or above level45....light vehicles and helis at those levels are no use....

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