Omega Hydra - Which Status Effects or Immune ?

A Wayne Ri
A Wayne Ri
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Hi All , Omega Hydra is Immune or affected by Status Effects ? Friends in Sector Disagree / Dont know..  So , Is Shock , EMP , Corrosion etc have effect on Omega Hydra ?   Thanks for feedback.  One point of discussion was Sarkis with EMP Grenade > Shock Effect. is works or not   :)
  • Raven-Ms
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    don't think so ..... its like inferno Shock Corrosion have no effect on it  
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    all uniques take no effect from any status effect. this excludes all the sf units as they are Semi-unique. Dante, Dorran, and Baldur are they only heavies to take status effects despite being an actual unique
  • A Wayne Ri
    A Wayne Ri
    Skilled Warrior
    Joined Nov 2012 Posts: 364
    Thank You :)  That was part of different opinions , some saying Yes they seen it affected , and me and others not so .  Cheers.  Good Luck to both of you.
  • Jason_R475
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    the only one that works as prescribe is the oil slick / the emp,s and cryo,s  have little to no effect on vendettas , revenge,fury , retribution, or spite , i have 16 emps + some cryo,s  they can be setting on top of the building and not get damage 
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