PEACEKEEPER Missile: What Is It Good For?

Unicorn Overlord
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I attack a Vercraft 50 to get 2M Thorium, and I start by dropping a max level Peacekeeper on the Laser Building.    The Peacekeeper comes in with about 3 missiles, and they all get shot down.

So what good is it?

Or is there some better way to utilize it in a Vercraft 50 and bases of that ilk?

Is it only useful in Rogue or other bases of Level 45?

I haven't needed a missile in Rouge Bases up to Level 35, or Vercraft 40.

  • Gudari43
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    Use max PKs on Shadow Ops 70 Hell Hounds.  It will come down with 5 missiles and destroy everything in-range and sometimes more.  Max PKs also take out floating platforms.  Quick way to earn your parts.
  • derek.snelling.10
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    cheaper to use a evanq
  • chinapig
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    Cyclones take V50 free repair... no need to spend thor to get thor....

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