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Hello Captains!

(Wha?! A WIP post a day early??!! GASP!)

September is almost here and all the little fishies are headed back to school. What a perfect time for the return of the Forsaken’s most dreaded and unpredictable faction! Let’s take a look!

*As always, all information within is subject to change. 

September Preview

We’re kicking off September with two Previews on Thursday September 1st and Friday September 2nd. This will focus on the upcoming September event cycle and the new PvP tech scheduled for the first September event in a couple weeks. Details can be found here.

Phantom Warfare

A new time-limited campaign begins September 6th September 7th and lasts for one week. This TLC features four encounters with a number of run-throughs to complete in each. The Reaver Armadas are back! Defeat the Reavers and earn two new Phantom submarine flagships - the Phantom Barracuda and the Phantom Spectre - as well as a chance to earn the Phantom Nighthawk and the Phantom Tiger Shark. More details will be available with next week's Release Notes.

September Event - Rise of the Warlords (New Event Cycle)

With the death of Borbas, the Reavers are without central leadership. Wild bands of roaming Reavers have coalesced into loosely organized warbands and clans, led by brutal and cunning warlords. With a newfound fury, the Reavers return to lay waste to anyone they encounter - Legion or Forsaken.

Rise of the Warlords begins September 15th and features all new Reaver holdouts, targets similar in style to the Reaver Armadas featured in the last cycle of VXP weekends.

The prize modal will be similar to previous events where you have a more focused tier progression with a more linear tech line. One line will include the Hellwraith and other tech best suited for this hull (arguably the best tech to use for this event cycle). The other line includes top prizes like the Fury - a Conqueror class Reaver ship that benefits from using Scatterguns; the Conflagration Scattergun - a surface-only corrosive scattergun that causes ships it destroys to explode violently; and the Hydroxide Injector - a ship special that benefits multi-shot weapons and corrosive weapon damage types.

Event targets will use a new naming convention. Instead of A, B, C, and S-sets, targets are classified by Tier (Tier 5; Tier 4; Tier 3; etc.). Like the Reaver Armadas, these targets will be best encountered using submarines. Use the associated tiered tech to face the target.

Here are the new distinctions and their recommended tech:

  • Tier 5

    • Previously labeled “S” target AKA “Elite”.

    • Single target, level 101

    • Use Hellwraiths and top tier sub tech to face off against this difficult target.

  • Tier 4

    • Previously labeled “A set”

    • 3 targets in set (71, 73, 75)

    • Use Tiger Sharks for best results.

  • Tier 3

    • Previously labeled “B set”

    • 4 targets in set (51, 53, 55, 57)

    • Nighthawks are your best bet for success.

  • Tier 1+2

    • Previously labeled “C set”

    • 3 targets in set (31, 33, 35)

    • Should be viable for anyone with Spectres and Barracudas.

Mega Hulls - Hiving

With the coming of Mega Ships, we’ve already seen an increase in player vs. player combat in some sectors. Now, Mega Ship owners in the same Alliance will be able to join forces to create a “hive”. A Megaship can start a ‘Hive’ on a Hive node on the World map. Nodes can be found in the corners of sub sector bases. Other Mega Ships from the same Alliance can ‘link’ to the first Mega Ship or the Hive node, and other Mega Ships can subsequently link to these Megas, creating a Hive grid. Mega Ships on the outside of the Hive must be attacked before those on the inside, allowing Alliances to strategically configure their defenses. Once a Megaship is linked, it can send and receive support to nearby Hive Megaships, provided the appropriate bridge is equipped. Megaships in a Hive with these bridge modules can provide protection and boosts to each other, up to the specified link distance.

The first phase of this will be the introduction of Drone Modules to Mega Ships, which will aid you in combat against enemy fleets. Additionally, a Drone Bridge will allow your Drone Modules to join an allies’ Mega Ship battle so long as they are linked in proximity. More details to follow soon!

September FM

Some new changes are in store for the Forsaken Mission in September. This is the current plan however this may change.

Recent changes:

1) Introduce a new test target 102 for a week.

  • This is intended to be a grind target that is about 13 hits to achieve Tier 5

    • Available for just one week (a test similar to how we did the 109)

    • Will likely run the 1st week of the FM only (possibly 2nd week)

    • Citadels should be the most effective

    • Should be easier than the 107

2) Reintroduce the 109 target

  • Tuned based on data seen in previous iterations

3) Review and possibly re-tune the current 87 target

  • Difficulty curve should ultimately align between the level 80 and the prototype 102.

Longer Term Roll-out Plan

  • In September we’ll continue to spawn the 107 but will become less available when the 109 and/or 102 are present.

  • By October - we plan to remove the 107 altogether.  The 109 will become the top target for Tier 5. The 102 may also be permanent pending the test trial data.

Proposed FM Prizes for September:

  • 3 x Tier 5 prizes (Shockwave Plates IV, Splash Dispersion System II, Solar Reinforcements)

  • 1 x Tier 4 prizes (Shockwave Plates III)

  • 1 x Tier 3 prize (Splash Dispersion System I)

September VXP Weekend

A VXP Weekend is scheduled for September 23rd. No details on target types at this time. More info coming soon!

September VXP Bulk Buy

Discounts on select hulls when purchasing ranks in bulk are available near the end of the month. More news to come!

Bulk Buy Discounts have been removed from the schedule for the foreseeable future based on data on the efficiency of these discounts. We are looking into other alternatives. More news soon. 

Increased Fragment Drop Weekend

Earn more fragments when in each Sector Threat level during specific times. More news to come!


There you go. Stay frosty, Captains!

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