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New update this morning and you still can't attack. When is this thing going to get fixed right??????
  • Lucas Mateus55
    Lucas Mateus55
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    Now overload!!!! ****
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    I and my friend can not CAN NOT ATTACK  ( my frend ) 
  • Colonel_Braver
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    Me too please time for **** ops is running out at least extend time or something I cant attack
  • Brittanywayne
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    Well it seems that with as many Maintenance Kixeye has preformed that they still havent solved the issue of people who cant attack. Yet the event timer still counts down. WHY?? Im sure they are busting their humps to solve this with some kind of lil band aide so that they event will go on. To be honest they should push the event back and get this no attack issue solved properly. They should have ...I said should have the fore sight to know whats coming should this issue not be solved. So to be honest what is the harm in pushing the event back a week shutting the game down and repairing the issues that are troubling the game and its players?  Fact most players would applaud this as they would enjoy the proper fix. It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is some thing Im sure will fall between the cracks and will not be responded to. Yet i felt it was something that need to be said as i am waiting patiently for Kixeye to fix the issue at hand
  • parisinino
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    Me too please time for **** ops is running out at least extend time or something I cant attack
  • marin.preda.12
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    I can t attack also I don t know how to post ticket
  • Sherry Taylor
    Sherry Taylor
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    I can load game but as soon as I hit attack my game re-loads 
  • Scoobiesnax
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    I can't attack rogue bases this morning to get resources, every time i hit attack connection is lost and a message appears saying something about needing to invest in new satellites?? Any ideas please.
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