Efficient way to take down Blitz in VK50?

Maciej Mesaj Klimas
Maciej Mesaj Klimas
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What can you suggest to have lowest repair times? Non-customized units:

I have Cyclones but they suffer increased damage from Corrosion shot by Watchtowers. Scattering them is still some repair time because Plasmas are also there and they also cannot be outranged with Blitz behind.
Commandos can't outrange Blitz and they are fragile, plus can't clear watchtowers and AA Plasma near Blitz without getting hit from it
Preservers have too low damage to do it.
Ultra tank is weak against shock.
Night Owl has long repair time and can take only single Blitz usually.
EVanquisers are not responsive at all with the lag, they are shocked in their shield and even if manage to kill one Blitz then for next they are still shocked or can't do anything at all, this would be best way if it worked correctly I think.
No Sansdtorm, Scorpion, Legion, Growler etc
Titan takes pretty big damage too.
Nightmares can't outrange it and still fragile.
Hellhounds/Jackals have low health pool almost like Commandos.

So basically air is out of work if before you kill watchtowers, but to kill watchtowers by ground troops, Blitz will still do damage to any ground unit.
Any other ideas maybe?
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  • ajbulich
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    Use vanquishers, mine are heavily modded and i can take a verkraft 50 losing one vanquisher
  • derek.snelling.10
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    Yes Use scorpion to draw out and destroy flyers. Use 1 evanq to take out orbital laser, 2 x Blitz and missile base then mop up with SF. E Vanq must be fully loaded, mine has LA Armour 6, Proton Shield 6, Assault Round 6, Enh Breech Loader 2
  • Tan Lm
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    Or consider Rolling Thunder Ops with 6 Max level Evenq.

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