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Greetings, Captains!

Mega Ships enter Battle Pirates, changing the face of naval warfare forever.

Here are the rules and information on Mega Ships.


Constructing a Mega Ship

To build a Mega Ship, you must have a completed Gantry.

The Gantry

  • Requirements:

    • Complete R&D Objective 20

    • Collect 120 Gantry Fragments

      • Gantry fragments can be found on level 91 Megahull targets. These targets only spawn in Sector Threat: Orange and only on the hour and half hour once the Sector Threat reaches Orange.

  • Time Cost: 6 weeks

    • Can be sped up.

Once the Gantry is constructed, you may begin the construction of a Mega Ship provided you have all the necessary requirements. There are plans for different Mega Ships for different factions, but, to start, the Forsaken Hyperion is the first constructible Mega Ship.

The Hyperion: Forsaken Mega Ship

  • Requirements: 120 Mega Ship Fragments

    • Fragments can be found on level 91 Megahull targets and will only drop for you if you have a completed Gantry. These targets only spawn in Sector Threat: Orange and only on the closest 30 minute mark on the hour from when the Sector Threat reaches Orange.

  • Time Cost: 7 weeks

    • Can be sped up. Tokens cannot be used to speed up this timer.

Mega Modules

Modules are the core building blocks of Mega Ships. Constructing Modules can be done via the Mega Ship and can be customized and placed on a Mega Ship for a variety of purposes. At launch, only two level of upgrades are available. More upgrades will become available over time. You may research Mega Modules in the Foundry prior to owning a Mega Hull however, these Modules cannot be used without a Mega Hull.

Mega Modules come in two parts:

  • Module Base

    • Contains equipment slots for regular components and one fixed Core Component

      • The Core Component cannot be changed or removed from the module.

    • Modules can be upgraded like base buildings. Higher levels increase stats.

    • Gains weight, health and regular Component Slots as it upgrades

  • Core Component

    • Provides the primary weapon functionality of the Module itself (eg. Mega-Cannon)

    • Comes with the Module and cannot be removed or replaced.

    • Upgrades to higher levels - limited by level of Module Base

      • You will need to upgrade your module before upgrading your Core Component.

    • Gets more powerful as it upgrades

Module Types:

    • Bridge

      • A standard Bridge module is attached to the Hyperion upon construction. This is the default Bridge module.

      • A Bridge module cannot be targeted by weapons until all other equipped modules are destroyed.

      • If the Bridge module is destroyed, combat will end.

      • More Bridges will become available later. It will become a key module for the added hiving feature in the future.

    • Engine

      • A standard Engine module is attached to the Hyperion upon initial release.

      • The engine controls movement on the World Map.

      • If the Engine is destroyed, then the equipped Mega Ship will not be able to move on the World Map until it is fully repaired.

      • Future Engine Modules will increase the power of Mega Weapons and/or Modules.

    • Weapon

      • Each Weapon Mega Module comes with a permanent Mega Weapon Core Component

        • At launch, this will include the Culverin Cannon MK-1, Culverin Cannon MK-2, Titan Mortar MK-1, and Titan Mortar MK-2.

      • Future Weapon Modules include Mega-Rockets, Mega-Missiles, Mega-Launchers, etc.

    • Defense (Coming Soon)

      • Provides Mega-Countermeasures against specific Mega-Weapons

    • Fleet Bay (Coming Soon)

      • Enables docking and repairing of regular Fleets

    • Drone Bay (Coming Soon)

      • Enables configuring and spawning of Drones

    • Artillery (Coming Soon)

      • Enables remote firing of artillery into nearby battles

  • Accessible via:

    • Mega Ship Module Inventory.

    • Inventory is only accessible via the Mega Ship. You cannot access this inventory via your base.

Mega Module Actions

When clicking on a Mega Module, there are a number of options you may choose:

Building a Mega Module

  • Requirements:

    • Refined Materials(s)

      • Advanced Systems

      • Metal Alloy

  • Time cost: Varies

Placing a Mega Module on a Mega Ship

Swaps the Module with an existing Module from inventory

  • Requirements:

    • None

  • Time cost: None

Refitting a Mega Module

  • Requirements:

    • Titanium

  • Time cost: Varies

Upgrading a Mega Module

  • Requirements:

    • Advanced Systems

    • Metal Alloy

  • Time cost: Varies

Upgrading a Mega Weapon

  • Requirements:

    • Advanced Systems

    • Metal Alloy

  • Time cost: Varies

Module Rules

  • A Mega Ship can simultaneously have one Mega Module or Core Component upgrading and one Mega Module Build or Component Refit in progress, so long as they are on different Mega-Modules.

  • A destroyed Bridge causes all Mega Ship functions to stop. This includes moving on the world map, upgrades, swapping, moving modules, refitting, etc.. The Bridge must be fully repaired before functionality, upgrades, or builds restart. The Engine must be fully repaired in order to return map movement functionality.

  • Partially damaged Modules continue to function however fully destroyed Modules cease working and must be fully repaired before they resume functioning. Damaged modules continue to function with the exception of the Bridge.

  • Modules at full health may be removed from a Mega Ship and swapped with another Module in your Mega Ship inventory.

    • IMPORTANT: A user can never fully 'empty' a mega slot. If there are three slots on a ship, once one slot has been used, one slot will always have to be filled in the future.

  • Modules must also be at full health to be moved between slots on the Mega Ship. When a Module is moved to a slot that already has a Module in it the two Modules swap locations.

Rule Notes:

  • While a module is building, repairing, upgrading, being refit, or is destroyed, the module will not function in combat or provide benefits until the current action (building, upgrading, etc.) is completed.

  • While a module is repairing, unlike a base, the module will still continue to build, refit, or upgrade in the background. In other words, it doesn’t stop doing an action while it is repairing.

  • If the Bridge is destroyed, other modules will be unable to start repairing until the Bridge has finished repairing. Once the Bridge is repaired, all remaining modules will begin to repair simultaneously.

Mega Ships in Battle

Combat rules:

  • Only Mega Ships can attack other Mega Ships (with the victor stealing “Refined Materials” from the loser)

  • Regular fleets cannot initiate combat on a Mega Ship but may join a Mega Ship battle in progress to provide additional firepower and support. Regular fleets earn VXP but not steal-able resources. Standard fleets must be a member of the Mega Ship owner's Alliance to join combat.

  • A Mega Ship cannot initiate an attack on standard fleets, player bases, or PvE targets.

  • Each Alliance can only have one Mega Ship per battle

  • Each Mega Ship can be joined by up to four Alliance regular fleets

    • Unaffiliated fleets may not join a Mega Ship battle.

    • Only two alliances can engage in a battle.

  • Battle is over as soon as one of the Mega Ships is destroyed (there is no Mega Ship retreating)

  • Mega Ships are destroyed if the Bridge is destroyed. A Bridge cannot be destroyed until all other modules are destroyed.

  • If one player’s regular fleet is destroyed, they may rejoin the combat with a different fleet or another player from the alliance can join in with their fleet

  • Standard fleets may not "Guard" a Mega Ship.

Titanium & Refined Materials

New currencies and resources are available for Mega Ships. Titanium is a new currency, similar to Uranium and is available from level 91 NPC Mega Hull targets. Titanium will not drop until the Hyperion is complete. This is an essential currency for manufacturing Refined Materials in R&D and equipping components onto the Mega Ships. This currency is stored on the Mega Ship and cannot be stolen.

Manufacturing Refined Materials

The two new Refined Materials, Advanced Systems and Metal Alloys, are manufactured in the R&D lab via special objectives under a new ‘Mega’ tab. Both Materials are stored on the Mega Ship and can be stolen.

  • Advanced Systems: Advanced Systems are mainly used in the building and upgrading of Core Components, along with some Metal Alloys. Their manufacturing process is heavily time dependent.

  • Metal Alloys: Metal Alloys are mainly used in the building and upgrading of the Modules themselves. Their manufacturing process is heavily dependent on the availability of Titanium, Uranium and Zynthium. Alloy Materials are specific to factions while Advanced Systems are used on Modules from all factions. More alloys will become available as more Mega Ships become available.

Refined Materials Stealing

Megaships store Refined Materials for use in building modules and core components. These materials are researched via Forsaken R&D and can be looted from specific PvE targets. When a Megaship is destroyed by another Mega Ship there is a chance for Refined Materials to be stolen. Note, this rule applies to both Mega Ships in combat not just the defending Mega Ship.

Refined Materials Stealing Rules

Materials are awarded to the victor at a rate of one of each resource from the defending player's totals.

Module Repairs

All Modules repair at the same time (like buildings in a Base) with the exception of the Bridge which must be fully repaired before all other Modules can repair.

    • Repair Times for Hyperion:

      • Starting Bridge Module - 2 hours (Bridge repairs cannot be sped up)

      • Starting Engine Module - 6 hours

      • Weapon Modules - 24 hours

  • Non-bridge modules can be sped up using gold, individually.

Damage Protection Rules

If your bridge is fully destroyed you will gain damage protection until ALL modules are fully repaired.

  • Damage Protection for Mega Ships will last until your Mega Ship is repaired. Hence, if you speed up your repairs, you will also cause your damage protection to expire immediately.  

  • You cannot attack while you’re under damage protection. Again, you must be fully repaired before you’re able to attack again.

Base Damage Protection vs. Mega Ship Damage Protection

Attacking a base or Mega Ship with a standard fleet will cause your base damage protection to end. This will not cause your Mega Ship damage protection to expire. Mega Ship bubbles can only be lost when the Mega Ship is fully repaired.


Regular Weapons on Modules

Regular weapons on a Module will fire and target independently from the Mega Weapon and will prioritise regular ships.

  • Regular weapons on a Module work as they do on ships:

    • Target from the center point of the Module

    • Target nearest ship

    • Fire from their location

Mega Cannon

The Mega-Cannon is a general purpose weapon designed to engage threats from any angle and at any distance. However it must rotate in order to bring its targets to bear which opens up opportunities for fast moving regular fleets to evade its fire at close range.

Like other Mega Weapons the Cannon itself can be heavily customized via components to improve and adapt its tracking systems, shell and warhead.

Mega Cannon Acquisition & Firing Zones

Mega Cannon Acquisition/Tracking/Firing Example

Mega Mortar

The Mega Mortar is a mid-range area denial weapon with an 180 degree acquisition arc. It fires multiple Mortar salvos that land in sequence to produce a ‘creeping barrage’ effect. Alert fleet commanders may be able to anticipate and evade the carnage however Mega Ships will receive substantial damage across multiple modules.

Like other Mega Weapons the Mortar itself can be heavily customized via components to improve and adapt its targeting system, shell and warhead.

Mega Mortar Acquisition & Firing Zones

Mega Mortar ‘Creeping Barrage’ Firing Example

Mega Rocket

Mega Rocket Acquisition & Firing Zones

Mega Rocket Firing Example

If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.

Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.

Not sure about the rules

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    NOTE: At launch, building/upgraded/refitting modules/mega weapons will be fully functional in combat. We should have a hot fix for this issue very soon.  This issue has been resolved

    There are also some minor displays issues with the feature that we hope to have resolved very soon. 
    Specifically, stats displays such as repair time of 00s in the tooltips and topdown stats for modules.
    If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.

    Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.

    Not sure about the rules

    I cannot discuss your account ban. Don't ask.
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