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Incoming Transmission//...

File 0001.011.BP-A

Authorization: Brennus.FC-2

//uplink established//

Salutations, Captains. Dr. Brennus here with an exciting missive regarding the latest in Forsaken technology.

As you know, since the Draconian Uranium Bases began appearing on our waters, our ancient enemy has been constructing something sinister at the core of these structures. Though a mystery at first, as time passed, we saw the fruits of their labours in the form of massive Mega Ships. When these Mega Ships began their assault on Forsaken territory, we were ill-prepared to face such overwhelming technology. Our losses were great. 

However, with the help of our once great but now former ally, Zoe Vasquez, we were able to construct the correct weaponry to face this threat head on. When we pushed our enemy beyond our borders once more, we cherished our victories and believed ourselves capable of defending against such terrors at any time in the future. 

As you know, such assurances are never guaranteed. 

Recent events have shown that our former ally has used her foolish crusade to co-opt the Draconian technology to her own ends! Zoe's Legion gains ground each day with the help of her own powerful Mega Ship. Once more, our survival is threatened by this.

But fear not, Captains! At Commander Harlock's bequest, our scientists have been working relentlessly, using what stolen salvage and data gathered by our spies to reverse engineer this Mega Ship technology. No longer will we be unprepared for this conflict. Now, once again, the Forsaken can take their rightful place in the world. 

Behold! I give you... the Forsaken Mega Ship!


The Hyperion

The Hyperion is the most powerful ship in the world to date. It begins with the construction of the Gantry: a special building that can be built outside your base that will eventually house your Mega Ship. 

Once you’ve claimed this Mega Ship blueprint in the Foundry, head straight to the Gantry and start building right away!

Once built, the Hyperion will appear outside your base. From here, you can begin configuring your Mega Ship with a variety of modules.

There will be multiple slots on a Mega Ship on which you can build, refit, swap, and rotate modules.

Captains will start with an engine, bridge, and weapon module.

Weapon modules always come with a mega weapon permanently attached.  

The first types of mega weapons available will be mortars and cannons, but more will soon follow.

The new resources needed to construct and upgrade modules will be generated through Forsaken R&D. They can also be stolen from rival mega ships!

Building a module is similar to building a ship. You will be able to equip regular components that you already own to designated slots on the module.

There will also be special slots that boost your Mega Weapon.

As you upgrade modules, more slots will open up.  

Eventually you’ll have the ability to level up the modules and mega weapons.  Pictured is the Hyperion with upgraded Mega Cannons and Mega Mortars.

As the Mega technology develops, we will share more information, including:

  • Module Stats

  • New types of modules

  • Future game-play such as “hiving” with other Alliance Mega Ships.


There you are, Captains! The first look into Mega Ships and the future of the Forsaken!

Safe sailing!

Read more here

//end transmission// 
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    Incoming Transmission//...

    File 0001.011.BP-A

    Authorization: Brennus.FC-2

    //uplink established//

    Hello Captains of the Forsaken,

    We are ready to begin rolling out the next phase in our tests for the Forsaken Mega Ship: The Hyperion. In order to keep you abreast of these developments, here is the second installment of this briefing. Let's start with the Mega-Ship Modules. If you missed my first briefing, be sure to visit the report here


    Here you will see the Mega Ship is undergoing construction of their Bridge, Engine, and Weapons Modules. These are the essential building blocks of your Mega Ship. 

    Notice the white square located in the northeast section of the Mega Ship. This icon indicates the placement of a new Module on this tile. 

    Once equipped, you may select a Weapon Module to see th erange and firing arc of that weapon. Each weapon has different ranges and arcs, depending on the style of weapon. 

    At first, the Hyperion will come equipped with one Engine, the Bridge, and the Mega-Cannon Weapon Module. 

    Modules may be upgraded using unique resources and materials. These materials are stored on your Mega Ship but be careful, Captains! Materials can be stolen from your Mega Ship if you face defeat agains the hands of a superior force. 

    To defeat an enemy Mega Ship, you'll need to destroy all of the enemy's Weapon and Engine Modules before exposing the Bridge for attack. Once the Bridge has been fully destroyed, you will earn the spoils of victory!

    Soon, we will develop the technology to link Mega Ships on the World Map in a process called "hiving" that will enable specialized battle support from nearby Alliance members. 

    Gantry construction is nearly complete for some of you, Captains. When you Gantry is complete, the level 91 NPC Mega Hull that spawns during Sector Threat: Orange will begin dropping Hyperion fragments. Once all fragments are collected and the Mega Ship construction is complete, these same targets will reward a new resource used for upgrading and building materials used for creating more Modules. 

    More news to come, Captains!

    Thank you for you rapt attention. With this tech at our disposal, no force in the world can stop us!

    ..//end transmission//

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